10 tips on how to grill

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Most of the 10 tips on how to grill we mention here go for all types of grills.
You have to decide if you have an electric grill, gas grill or charcoal grill what tips you can use the best, but most of these 10 grilling tips can be applied to any kind of grill.

1. Clean your grill before or after using it.

Nothing is more frustrating than having done all your preparations and then find out that you forgot to clean the grill the last time you used it. Make sure to do this right after using it while the grill is still hot.
This makes it a lot easier. If you cannot do it at that time, make sure to heat it up and clean it before you use it. A hot grill is easier to clean if you use a quality grill brush.

2. Prepare everything you need to grill

Ever been in the situation that you were ready to put your meat on the grill and forgot something.
I have and I learned to hard way to stay organized and have my plan ready.
Make sure no to wait till the last moment for a cookout. Even a simple burger can be ruined by not being prepared enough. One of the things I like is a good outdoor grill table to make it easier on me.

3. Buy good quality meat.

I know, it all costs money and money does not grow on trees. However, if you spend money on charcoal, gas, or plug in your electric grill you are spending money already.
Buy some quality meat to improve overall cooking. The meat, after all, ends up on your plate.

4. Heat up your grill.

No matter what kind of grill you use make sure to heat it up before even thinking about putting meat on it.
To low or to high temperature can ruin a good piece of meat in minutes.
Let the charcoal burn until they have a grey layer on them and all the real flames are gone.
With a gas or electric grill read the manual and guidelines about the time to heat up the grill.

5. Have 2 temperature zones

This is also called indirect grilling and can be tricky on a gas or electric grill with only one burner or element.
But by placing a little pan with water on one side of the grill under the grate, you can keep the temperature a little lower there.
This will give you the opportunity if you have a flare-up to move the meat away from the heat and keep it on a cooler spot on the grill. You can also use the hot side to sear and the cooler side to cook a little slower. With charcoal grills just leave a spot with no charcoal to keep a cooler spot.

6. Use additive-free charcoal

I see so many brands charcoal in stores that use additives in their charcoal. Let’s be honest. Additives are not good in anything you eat. If you grill your meat with additives in the charcoal this will get in the meat and in your system.
I am no health freak, but try to avoid simple things like these additives.
I highly recommend not using lighter fluid to start a grill there are many other ways to start a charcoal grill without lighter fluid. 

7. Oil your grill grates

The opinions about oiling your grates are divided into 2 sides. Yes and no.
It is my experience that oiling your grates with a little vegetable or olive oil, makes the meat not stick to the grates so bad. This sticking however also has to do with preheating your grill to the right temperature.

8. Use a meat and grill thermometer

This might be one of the most important tips I can give you.
Use a quality meat thermometer to check the internal temperature of your meat.
And if you want to go all out, buy a second one to check the grill temperature at the grate level.
Using a grill thermometer has improved my personal grill results enormously

9. Let your grilled meat rest

After cooking make sure to let your meat lest for at least a few minutes. This will give all the juices the change to flow back in the meat and this can improve your cooking big time. 

10. Keep a log for your grilling

When I started out with grilling I did everything by memory, but now I have a little book where I write down all my tweaks and changes I did while grilling.
Later on I put it all in my computer for the next time. After I started doing this I have seen a big improvement in my results.

This are just 10 tips to improve your grilling. I can give, or find you many more tips, but with these 10 grilling tips, you can improve the quality of your grilling without breaking the bank. or overthinking it.

Feel like reading more of our how to grill tips? Click on the link in the menu
If you have any additional tips feel free to leave them in the comment section or contact us.

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