How effective are portable water filters?

A portable water purifier is a device that is designed to remove impurities and contaminants from water to make it safe and clean for consumption. These devices are typically small, lightweight, and portable, making them ideal for use while traveling, camping, hiking, or in emergency situations where access to clean drinking water is limited. Portable … Read more

Do alkaline water filters really work?

An alkaline water filter is a type of water filtration system that uses a process called ionization to increase the pH level of water, making it more alkaline. These filters typically use a combination of activated carbon and ion exchange resin to remove impurities from the water, while adding beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium, … Read more

Best Coffee Maker Reviews – Finding The Perfect Brew

The coffee maker has certainly become a very popular kitchen gadget over the last few years. Ok, so it may not be exactly an essential item but these days most families own an array of kitchen gadgets which could easily be classed as luxury items if we are truthful. If you really love your coffee … Read more

Best Single Serve Coffee Makers – The Ultimate in Convenience

One of the kitchen gadgets to see the biggest surge in popularity in recent years are single serve coffee makers. Its easy to see why they appeal to so many people. Firstly they usually have a relatively small footprint and will not dominate your counter space. They can sit in a corner when not required. … Read more

What Makes the Best Latte Machine? Find Out Before You Buy One

For an avid coffee lover, the quality of the coffee blends that you drink definitely counts. As a matter of fact, the robust flavor of the beans, the foamy yet really creamy, milky froth, and the rich aroma of the espresso can make a seemingly grumpy day brighter and happier. If you are very particular … Read more

Best Whole House Water Filter For Well Water

Whole-house water filters for well water are ideal for purifying all incoming water. This so-called point-of-entry (POE) filtration makes filtered water available at every faucet, tap, shower, etc.  A solid filter system improves the aesthetics of the water, removes harmful contaminants, and perhaps most importantly, traps sediment and other dirt to protect your plumbing and … Read more

Best water filter for hard water

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give much thought to the quality of your water beyond whether it’s cold or not. But if you live in an area with hard water, using a water filter is a smart idea – especially if you have a home appliance that needs filtered water to operate properly. … Read more

Best Coffee For Moka Pot

Best Coffee For Moka Pot

Originating in Italy, this everyday household coffee maker makes it simple to prepare barista-quality, coffee shop-style beverages at home. The Moka pot, which comes in various sizes and shapes, is a favorite among coffee lovers.  Whether you have a more modern electric or a traditional stovetop model, you’re sure to get a delicious cup of … Read more

Best automatic Espresso machine

Best automatic Espresso machine

Do you want to wake up every morning to a crema-rich, flavorful espresso that stimulates your synapses? Do you enjoy espresso but dislike making it yourself? The answer is automatic espresso machines.  My espresso journey began with my first sip many years ago, and since then, I’ve experimented with numerous automatic espresso machines. I will … Read more

Best cheap Espresso machine

Best cheap Espresso machine

If your coffee habit costs you a lot of money and you don’t want to invest in an expensive brewer, you have another option. You can make decent coffee at home with a relatively inexpensive espresso machine.  Below, we provide an overview of the best budget espresso machines, beginning with our top recommendations for espresso … Read more