Are Built-In Gas Grills Worth The Extra Cost – 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy One

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Are you debating whether or not to buy a built-in gas grill? If so, you’re not alone. These grills can be a bit pricier than their portable counterparts, but many people feel they are worth the investment. Here are 10 reasons why you should buy a built-in gas grill.

Why Are Buit-In Gas Grills So Expensive? 

As you are deciding which type of grill to buy, you might have come across the options of building in grills and free-standing grills.  

A built-in grill is one that is designed for your outdoor kitchen and usually comes with a price tag that reflects its customized design.  

The alternative is a free-standing gas grill that can be moved around or stored when not in use. This article will explore some of the reasons why built-in gas grills cost more than traditional free-standing models. 

One main reason why built-in gas grills cost more than standalone units is because customizable designs add to the final price tag.  

Some of these customizable features may include cabinet doors or drawers, side burners, heat plates, and outdoor kitchen tables. The extra features could lead to an increase in budget.   

Another main reason for the price difference between built-in and freestanding gas grills is that a custom design makes it necessary for the grill to be manufactured by an outside company.  

Since these companies are not selling directly to you, they might see it as another opportunity to make money by adding onto the final price tag.   

You can expect your custom designed built-in grill to cost ten percent more than what you would pay if you purchased a free-standing model with similar capabilities and performance ratings.  

However, there are numerous benefits of owning a built-in grill instead of a standalone model. 

The final main reason why built-in gas grills cost more than free standing models is because of the lack of competition.  

Since a company designs your outdoor kitchen, it has no competitors and can charge what it wants for the design and installation process.  

Some companies might be willing to negotiate a set price or lower charges if you buy all products from them instead of going through a supplier. 

So, how much do built-in grills typically cost? The average price range for a new outdoor built-in grill starts at around $1,500 dollars and goes up to as high as $12,000 dollars. 

 While this may seem expensive at first glance, you will appreciate having an outdoor kitchen that matches the quality of indoor units when you are spending time in your backyard and entertaining guests. 

If you cannot afford a built-in model, do not worry; there are some great freestanding options that cost half as much as their counterpart.  

With the extra money in your budget, you can buy more accessories or even have it professionally installed for just ten percent of what you would invest in an outdoor kitchen.  

However, if you choose to install the grill yourself, be careful when attempting any complicated projects. You could end up spending more money than anticipated on tools and parts that are crucial to the success of the finished product. 

Benefit To Buying A Built-in Gas Grill 

The main benefit of buying a built-in gas grill is the integration with your outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen can be designed around the grill, and it makes for a nice centerpiece and focal point. However, there are some other benefits besides just putting one more item on your list of things to buy. 

Uses less propane compared to regular grills. 

 There are two reasons why this is true. First, because of their design, they are usually more efficient at using propane.  

Second, since you are likely cooking outdoors most days of the year, you will have plenty of time to replenish your tank or tanks before they run out which means that you won’t need as large a tank as you would with a regular charcoal or gas grill. 

Most have a large cooking surface.  

The main benefit of this is that you don’t have to wait as long for your food to cook. This is especially true with the larger grills, although most people won’t want a huge grill (because they will take up too much space and/or cost more money).  

However, if you regularly cook for 10 or 20 or even 30 odd people, it may be worth it. But keeping in mind that bigger doesn’t always mean better.  

It all depends on how much room you have available and your preferences about size and performance (i.e., not all big grills produce great results). 

Might be built stier than regular grills.  

Higher quality grills are built to last longer and perform better. If you buy a cheaply made grill, it may not stand up to the elements as well as an outdoor kitchen meant for everyday usage. 

Quality replacement parts will be available. This is especially true if your grill happens to come with a warranty (although even if it doesn’t, most manufacturers of these types of grills offer warranties).  

But this could also mean that you can replace parts more easily than with other types of outdoor grills which means lower costs in the long run.  

For example, if something breaks after two or three years, then you can get that part replaced (or maybe repaired) instead of having to replace the entire grill. Even though there is some initial cost involved, you can save money in the long run because your grill won’t need to be replaced as often. 

Built-in grills are better suited for specific types of outdoor kitchens.  

If you already have an outdoor kitchen, then you may want to make sure that it is designed around an integral gas grill. That way, you can get the most out of your investment and enjoy all the benefits discussed above. 

Are Built-In Gas Grills Worth The Extra Cost? 

So, are built-in grills worth the extra few hundred dollars compared to other types? You’ll have to decide for yourself after weighing all these pros and cons which are discussed here in more detail.  

Just remember that if price isn’t your main concern – or even a concern at all – then it probably doesn’t matter anyway. But if you are on a budget, then here are some good reasons to consider not buying one. 

Sizing is more limited.  

Most of these grills come in medium or large sizes, but none smaller (which means that you may be limited as to the types of meat and/or vegetables that can be grilled). 

Can’t use indirect heat. 

 A built-in grill is not necessarily designed for slow cooking which involves using indirect heat (meaning that the fire is not directly below the food). You will need another type of grill (e.g., gas) for this purpose. 

Not made for regular grilling parties where lots of people show up at once.  

These grills aren’t meant to accommodate large crowds because they typically don’t come in premium, commercial or outdoor catering sizes (i.e., over 30″). 

Requires a lot of space around the grill.  

Built-in grills will typically take up more room than other types such as tabletop and portable options. So, you should measure your available space (and consider all possible conditions such as wind gusts) before making a final decision. 

The grilling surface is not elevated.  

This means that there is no gap between the cooking surface and the floor which will result in lower heat retention, uneven cook times and longer cooking times overall. 

It can be a little tough to find a built-in grill that has everything you want.  

Since they are so expensive, it may be hard to find one with all 

 the features you want (e.g., countertop, side burner, infrared rotisserie). That means having to settle for something less than perfect (which isn’t as big of a deal with the other types because they tend to hover around $200 to $300 anyways) or buying one that is too expensive and not using all its features. 

Summary: If you regularly cook for 10 or 20 or even 30 odd people, it may be worth it. But keeping in mind that bigger doesn’t always mean better.  

It all depends on how much room you have available and your preferences about size and performance (i.e., not all big grills produce great results).  

You’ll have to decide for yourself after weighing all these pros and cons which are discussed here in more detail. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Built-in Gas Grill 

Did you know that besides being able to cook outdoors, grills can also be excellent space savers at home? If you are still not convinced of how practical owning a grill really is, here are ten reasons why you should buy a built-in gas grill. 

1. Built-in BBQs come in different options with versatile features like rotisserie burners and many more.  

2. These built-in BBQs can perfectly complement your kitchen or dining room design because the grills come in various styles, designs, colors and finishes with customized features to suit any taste. Since they are custom designed for specific home spaces, these built-in grills will surely look good no matter where you put them. 

3. Installations are easy because these designs can be customized so you don’t need to worry about the measurements of your space.  

4. Grills that are built into counters or cabinets not only save space but also look good and stylish in any part of your house, whether it’s an outdoor room, open-air kitchen or even inside a cabinet with glass doors. This is one way to get the most out of your gardening area at home by creating more room for other things without wasting precious space on huge grills that are often immobile.  

5. Having a built-in grill means no more worrying about the location when you want your guests over for barbecues because wherever there is a grill oven available, it’s going to be easy for your chef to make sure that everything is ready. 

6. Grills built into countertops don’t only take up less space, they also come with more features than normal grills. You can find models with cabinets where you can keep the propane tanks when not in use or ones with rotisseries burners so you can even roast your meat while barbecuing! 

7. Countertop grills are versatile since they are designed to work both indoors and outdoors depending on what suits your home design best. They come in freestanding designs that will allow you to place them just about anywhere inside or outside the house without much hassle because these units are easy to install. 

8. With the right built-in grill, you can easily get rid of old bulky grills that were hard to maintain, clean or use outdoors while creating more room for other home essentials like cabinets, furniture and decorations. There are also freestanding models that will allow you to keep your barbecuing sessions outside without sacrificing too much space inside the house. 

9. Aside from saving space at home, having a built-in grill will also save time, effort and money because you no longer need to maintain it by cleaning it every now and then or buy propane tanks when they run out of fuel. Instead, if you choose a unit with both ovens and grills in one, you can save time and effort because your grill oven will also function as an additional oven inside the house! 

10. Grills that are built into cabinets or counters look more elegant and stylish than ordinary grills. You can even find a design that perfectly matches the interior of your house so it will not only be functional but also blend in with other home essentials for a great home décor. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

If you’re considering garden renovations then don’t forget to include a built-in grill in your list of renovation plans because not only will it save space, but you’ll also have an easier time cooking during home gatherings with family and friends! 


In summary, if you want to make your garden area look better without compromising on space, installing a cabinet BBQ is one way of doing it.  

With built-in gas grills, you no longer need bulky outdoor grills that take up too much space but instead get compact models designed for saving space while still providing the best barbecuing experience.  

These outdoor ovens are also versatile enough to be used both inside and outside your home, so you can still enjoy grilling even if it rains or snows. 

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