Best 2 Burner Gas Grill For Every Budget

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A gas grill is a must-have for any backyard cook. They’re easy to use and perfect for everything from burgers to chicken breasts. But with so many different models on the market, it can be tough to know which one is right for you.

This blog post will help you find the best 2 burner gas grill for every budget. We’ll cover everything from basic features to more advanced options, so you can make the best decision for your needs. Read on to learn more!

Best 2 Burner Gas Grill Reviews

When it comes time to buy a new grill, the options can be overwhelming. Do you get a small one for easy portability, or go for a large model that can feed an army? And what about gas or charcoal?

In this blog post, we’ll break down the best two burner gas grills for every budget. Whether you’re looking to spend a little or a lot, we’ve got you covered. So read on to find the perfect grill for your needs!

What is 2 burner gas grill?

A 2 burner gas grill is a standard for a small home grilling appliance. It typically runs off of a gas propane tank and has two, independently controlled burners. This is great for cooking multiple items at different temperatures or heating up the grill quickly to sear some steaks really fast.

Grilling with a 2 burner gas grill is likely better suited for individuals or couples, since they are smaller. The grills themselves are typically not too expensive, however the cost of propane to fill them up can mount up over time.

The biggest advantage to a 2 burner gas grill is it’s size. Since it only has two burners, both have less heat output and therefore less clearing up to do in the kitchen after cooking. Having two burners also allows you to cook different things at different temperatures, which is important for achieving good results and reducing the chance of overcooking food.

On a final note, it should be mentioned that 2 burner gas grills are not typically high quality products, but they get the job done for those on a budget. If you want to do more than just grill burgers and hot dogs, but don’t have the money for a larger more expensive product, then this is probably the right choice for you.

Why should you purchase a two-burner gas grill?

While a two-burner may not have the same amount of power as a four- or six-burner monster, they offer a lot more. The following are some of the best advantages of a two-burner gas grill.

Cooking performance is rapid

One of the primary selling points of 2-burner grills is their speed. Getting it started and up to temperature is quick and straightforward with a relatively small power source.

In comparison to charcoal grills, they heat up in a matter of seconds and require a fraction of the time that four or six burners do. Perfect if you’re expecting hungry and impatient guests.

Additionally, they can cook two dishes simultaneously, effectively halving the time required for many other types of cookers

Easy start

Additionally, most two-burner grills are simple to ignite due to their purpose-built electronic ignition systems. This allows you to quickly light all of the burners for rapid cooking with a single push of the button. Using a charcoal grill is more complicated by temperature control issues, so gas grills provide welcome relief.

This control has been simplified further with infrared burners, which provide incredibly consistent heat levels across the grill surface. Previous issues such as flare-ups and cold spots have been eliminated.

This is a brilliant innovation in comparison to the difficulty of lighting a charcoal grill (if you don’t know… it’s complicated!). Additionally, these systems are secure and straightforward to manage.

Temperature control

Controlling the heat within a grill is critical, and what’s excellent about gas grills is that fine-tuning the heat is far easier than with charcoal grills.

Adjusting temperatures is as simple as turning a knob, and you can do so burner by burner, allowing you to cook multiple foods simultaneously.

Factors to consider when buying 2 burner gas grill

One of the most popular and traditional types of barbecues is the 2 burner gas barbecue. These grills offer many benefits, such as: allowing you to control the temperature; they come in a variety of styles and sizes; and it is easy to clean these grills when compared with other types.

One thing that may surprise you when buying a 2 burner gas grill is that there are many different types of ignitions.

The three main types of ignition systems on the best two-burner grills are: electronic push button ignition; piezo electric ignition; and flame-lighter system.

Electronic push button ignition has long been the most common type used on grills, and it is also the least costly.

Piezo electric ignition offers convenience, and no need for matches or lighters to get your barbecue going. Flame-lighter system utilises a gas burner that burns alongside the main burners lit by a pilot flame on its own dedicated burner.


Many 2 burner grills are designed with side burners and tables, and if this is an important feature to you it may be worth checking the dimensions of the barbecue before you buy.

Although many 2 burner grills are compact, there are some models on the market that can offer an impressive amount of space for cooking. If you plan on hosting dinner parties at home with your new grill, make sure you check the size, and whether it will fit on your patio or in your backyard.

Type of heat

One thing to consider when buying a 2 burner gas grill is the type of heat that each burner produces. Gas burners produce flames that can be adjusted depending on what you are cooking, but many burners do not distribute these flames evenly over the surface of the grill.

If one section of the grill is hotter than other areas, it can affect how well your food cooks. So if you like to cook multiple dishes at once on your barbecue, make sure to check the evenness of the heat before buying.

2 burner grills are powered by propane tanks that allow you a large window of time to cook your food. However, although these tanks can last you a long time if managed properly, it is best to check the capacity of the propane tank when buying your grill. This will allow you to estimate how much gas is left in the tank at any given time, and determine whether you need to replace or refill it before cooking.

Quality of the lid

When looking to buy a 2 burner gas grill, make sure you check the quality of the lid. Some grills have lids made from stainless steel, however it is best to check whether this material conducts heat well before buying. The lid helps seal in heat and smoke, so if your lid is not efficient at doing this it can negatively affect the way your food cooks. Other common lids used on 2 burner grills include glass and porcelain, however it is best to check if these materials are resistant to heat before buying.

Built-in thermometers

It is also important to note that there are some 2 burner gas grills available for purchase with built-in thermometers on the lid.

These thermometers are helpful if you are unsure how hot your grill is, or need to monitor the temperature of your food while cooking. Some thermometers can also come with protective screens on them, so it is best to check whether these are included before buying.

FAQs About 2 Burner Gas Grill

If your grill hose is leaking, you must get it replaced to avoid creating a safety hazard and damage to your property and surroundings. There are many possible reasons for leakage such as corrosion and kinks in the hose. A leaking grill hose must not be used under any circumstance.

With a two-burner gas grill, you need to attach the regulator into the control knob of your grill and then hook up the hose to this gas regulator. You can also attach the hose to a propane tank for this purpose.

With a two-burner gas grill, you need to adjust the integrated ignition knobs as necessary until you attain your preferred cooking temperature between 250 degree Fahrenheit (120 degrees Celsius) at its lowest setting and 425 degree Fahrenheit (220 degrees Celsius) at its highest.

Yes, you can use your two-burner gas grill as a smoker with the aid of a foil drip pan filled with small wood chips or chunks placed on one side of the clean grilling grate, but it is important for this process to have a very controlled temperature and specific meat smoking time.

To prevent your flame deflector from rusting, you should clean it with soap and water after every use of your two-burner gas grill to remove food stains and then coat it using cooking oil to protect against further corrosion or rusting.

To light your two-burner gas grill, you should first turn the ignition knobs to the “Off” position and make sure that all other controls are also in their “Off” positions before attempting to ignite it. You should then hold a long-handled butane match or lighter in front of the ignition knob and turn it to its “On” position. You should then continue to hold the match or lighter in that same position until the gas burner has been lit, which will require a few seconds.

To check your two-burner gas grill’s propane tank, you should open the lid and make sure that it is filled to its appropriate level and has no visible dents or deformation and also see if there are any leaks present. Any sign of leakage should be dealt with immediately as it may indicate that your propane tank has become damaged or compromised.

The best way to clean a two-burner gas grill is to use a small amount of dishwashing liquid and water on a sponge or brush to wipe away any excess food particles. You should also remove the grilling grate from your grill and let it soak in warm soapy water until all food particles have been removed prior to putting it back onto your grill again.

To shut off your two-burner gas grill’s propane tank, you should first turn the control knob to the “Off” position and then open your grill’s lid, which will allow all of the propane to be released from its chamber. You should also make sure that you dispose of any remaining propane in a safe area away from sparks or flames by either disconnecting the hose or placing a paper towel over the end of it and letting it evaporate.

The best way to clean your two-burner gas grill’s cooking grate is to use a small amount of dishwashing liquid and water on a sponge or brush to wipe away any excess food particles and then give it a quick scrub using a stiff-bristled brush to remove any caked-on food residue.

You should replace your two-burner gas grill’s cooking grate when you notice that any of its grates are warped and no longer straight and level, which will affect the way that your food cooks when they are in direct contact with them or if you notice any large holes in it.


The best 2 burner gas grill should have enough space for cooking, carry a warranty and be easy to assemble. It also needs to produce even heat distribution so the food is cooked evenly.

We’ve looked at many grills on the market today and think that this one meets all of these criteria. If you want more information about our top pick or if you want help finding your perfect grill, please reach out!

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