Best Grilling Accessories – According to Cooking Experts

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Grills are becoming more popular every year. It’s no wonder why, either! They are delicious, convenient, and have a low environmental cost compared to other methods of cooking.  

However, there is one small hiccup that may not be keeping you from running out to buy a grill – grilling accessories. 

Grill accessories you may want to consider 

Grilling equipment used to be simple – tongs, grill brush, meat thermometer. Now there are so many tools on the market it can get overwhelming looking at them. Here’s a list of possible grilling accessories you may want to consider getting if you’re just starting out or about to buy your first grill: 

1. Grill Basket 

Grill baskets are a must for any griller who likes to use veggies, fish, or smaller pieces of meat over the open flame. They’re not only great because they keep the food from falling into the flames – they also allow you to flip all your ingredients at once without breaking anything! 

2. Grill Mat 

Grill mats are made to sit directly on top of your grill grates and hold the food you’re cooking in place. They come in a wide variety of materials and sizes, but most will fit any grill. It’s possible to get very creative with your mats – they can be shaped into bowls to hold sauces or dips, for example! Grill mats are great if you’re having trouble with foods sticking to your grill grates. 

3. Grill Cleaning Tools 

Some of the most common accessories are grill cleaning tools, like brushes and scrapers. These are easy to use and make sure that your food isn’t sitting on any old particles, allowing for maximum flavor potential! Make sure you get one that comes apart, so the grates are super easy to clean. 

4. Grill Press 

A grill press is like a spatula, but thicker and made with metal instead of plastic. This tool has many uses – pressing down on your food so it is nice and flat, pushing aside coal if needed (if you’re using an open flame), etc. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose option, a grill press might be what you need. 

5. Charcoal Baskets 

If you like cooking with charcoal (and who doesn’t?) go ahead and get yourself some good old-fashioned baskets to make your life easier! Before using the basket, put in some water underneath to keep the heat down. Then put two thirds of your hot coals on top of the water – this creates a barrier between the food and flames, allowing for more even cooking. 

6. Heat Resistant Gloves 

Grills are hot! It’s just science. Protecting your hands from the intense heat is super important when grilling with an open flame. Grill gloves are cool accessories because they’re not just heat resistant – some even have special materials to make sure your food doesn’t stick when you take them off! 

7. Thermometers 

Keeping track of the internal temperature of what you’re grilling is super important. Incorrect cooking times can give undercooked meat, which can lead to illness. It’s not fun cooking with that kind of stress in the back of your mind! Luckily, there are many thermometers on the market to match your specific needs. 

8. Spatulas 

Grill spatulas are very similar to regular kitchen spatulas, but they have a little more ‘grip’ so you can get a better hold of smaller pieces of food. They come in a lot of varieties – most have wide, flat heads with holes to make sure no food chunks get stuck inside. If you’re looking for an accessory that’s both functional and keeps your hands from getting too hot, a grill spatula is a great choice! 

9. Basting Brushes 

This is another accessory that has a lot of varieties. Basting brushes are great because they let you get just the right number of sauces and marinades on your food without using too much or too little. The bristles also help to distribute flavors throughout larger pieces, which saves you time and effort since you won’t have to use several different utensils. 

10. Grill Planks 

Wooden planks are an awesome way to grill your food because they let you get that classic smoky flavor no matter what kind of grill you’re using! Just put the plank on top of the grate, then lay your meat on top of it. It’ll slowly start to absorb all that woodsy flavor and add a unique twist to your dishes. 

11. Grill Wok 

Grill woks are typically metal pans that let you grill all kinds of vegetables in one go without worrying about them slipping through the grates. Plus, they’re perfect for stir-frying! If you cook with veggies a lot and want an accessory that’ll let you cook big batches all at once, grab yourself a grill wok. 

12. Grill Topper/Grill Press Combo 

This is another great multi-purpose accessory. The Grill topper has slightly bendable sides that allow you to create the perfect grilled cheese sandwich every time! It also comes with a press so you can play around with even more food. 

13. Grill Skillet 

Grill skillets are like regular skillets, except they have a curved edge and raised sides to keep everything from slipping out. They’re perfect for making stir-fries and grilled cheese sandwiches (especially good with the grill press combo). There’s no way your food can escape with this accessory! 

14. Stake Tongs 

If you’re looking for an accessory to perfectly turn your meat, look no further than stake tongs. They are extra-long so they can reach all the way across the grates without any of it slipping out of your grasp. As a bonus, they make great skewers for kabobs, too! 

15. Spaghetti Tongs/Bundles 

Spaghetti tongs and bundles are just like regular tongs – they’re just a bit narrower and can reach tight spaces easier than larger ones. They’re great for cooking pancakes on the side while you grill your meat. It’s also common to see bundles of bacon wrapped in these accessories when people grill indoors. 

16. Grill Bags 

Grill bags are a relatively new accessory that lets you grill your food without all the mess! Just put whatever ingredients you want to cook inside, then toss it on the grate or in a pan of hot oil for some delicious results. They’re perfect for camping trips and letting people be able to pick what they want to eat instead of an entire meal being grilled at once. 

17. Wok Ring 

A wok ring lets you set your work directly over the flames, then provides a lip that allows you to cook with less oil or keep all your ingredients contained. This accessory is perfect for cooking Asian dishes on your grill! Since there’s a little bit of an oil issue with it being so close to the flames, many people prefer to use a grill wok instead. 


We hope this list has helped you find the perfect grill accessory for your needs. If not, don’t worry because we have a large selection of grilled accessories at our store!  

Grills come in all different shapes and sizes so it can be difficult to figure out what size or shape is right for you.  

The best way to do that would be by contacting one of our professionals who can help guide you through the process while understanding your budget and space constraints.  

So, contact us today if there’s anything else we could answer about grills, grilling accessories, or any other related topics! 

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