Best Grills With Rotisserie For Your Summer BBQs

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Right around the time the weather starts to warm up, thoughts naturally turn to outdoor barbecues. If you’re looking for a grill with a rotisserie, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best grills with rotisserie functionality on the market today.  

We’ll also provide some tips on how to get the most out of your rotisserie grill. So, whether you’re a seasoned barbecue pro or just starting out, read on for advice on how to make your next summer cookout sizzle! 

10 Best Grills with Rotisserie On The Market Today. 

There is nothing like the smell of grilled food to get everyone in the summer spirit. If you’re looking for a grill that can do it all, consider one with a rotisserie.  

We have gathered some of the best grills with rotisserie capabilities for your next BBQ. Whether you are cooking chicken, ribs, or whole turkeys, these grills will make sure your food comes out perfectly every time. So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing our list today! 

What Are Grills With Rotisserie And Their Benefits 

Grill with Rotisserie is a cooking appliance consisting of a spit or skewer and an electric motor (usually). The food to be cooked, such as meat and vegetables, is placed on the spit or skewer which turns slowly in front of a heat source. This can be either an open flame (for example: gas grill) or an electric heating element (for example: freestanding oven).  

The heat source can be located below the grilling area, above it, or both. The device may have a means for rotisserie broiling with top heat only to brown and crisp the upper surface of foods being grilled directly over a flame. 

It is also known as a rotisserie. 

The heat is generated either by charcoal or by electricity, gas, or wood. Charcoal produces ash that must be cleaned from the grill with a stiff wire brush and aluminum foil lining the grill pan makes for easier cleaning.  

Electric heating elements are more common in grills today due to convenience and safety concerns regarding gas leakages. Charcoal grills are best suited for fatty foods such as beef and pork, while electric ones are typically better suited to leaner meats such as fish and chicken. 

One of the most important features of rotisserie is that food can cook from all sides: this way it keeps its flavor and moisture. It is also ideal for cooking large pieces of meat or big vegetables. 

There are some advantages that charcoal grills have over electric ones: the flavor, the smell and the smoke that they produce when the meat is cooked on it. 

Grill with Rotisserie can usually be used to cook anything from beef to seafood food. It cooks by indirect heat: the element is set further away from the food than a standard grill and physical barriers such as aluminum foil are used to prevent food from coming into direct contact with flames. 

Features to consider when choosing a grill with rotisserie 

When you are looking to buy a barbecue grill with rotisserie, there are many products to choose from, but not all products are created equal. When choosing your product consider the following factors: 

1) Gas or Charcoal? 

Grills range from charcoal to gas, or a combination of the two.  

Gas grills are usually easier to use and offer more control over temperature, but it can be difficult to impart that smoky flavor if you are cooking with gas.  

If you do purchase a gas grill with rotisserie, look for one with an attachment for adding wood chips to enhance the smoky flavor.  

Gas grills will also require a higher level of maintenance because you’ll need to clean the burners and lubricate them at least once a year. 

2) The size of your grill 

While the primary purpose of the rotisserie is to cook meat, it’s important to choose one that fits with the size and weight of the meat you regularly cook. If you will only be cooking a few kilos of meat at a time, a smaller rotisserie is fine. However, if you plan on roasting larger cuts of meat such as whole chickens and turkeys, select one with more than one spit rod to allow for more even roasting. 

3) Types of meat cooked 

If you are cooking a variety of meats, including poultry and large cuts, look for a grill with adjustable height settings. This way the rotisserie can accommodate different types of food at different levels.  

Rotating forks or hooks that come to rest directly above the coals are ideal when cooking whole chickens. If you plan on roasting a variety of meats, look for rotisseries with multiple forks or hooks that can be independently adjusted. 

4) Removable trays and pan systems 

Drip pans are designed to keep your grill clean by catching food scraps as you cook. However, they don’t always work properly and once they get full, they need to be cleaned.  

If you prefer to make grilling as hassle-free as possible, look for rotisseries with removable drip pans that can be easily wiped down or dumped after each use. 

5) Rotisserie accessories 

When you purchase your grill with rotisserie, ask about available accessories. Some brands offer attachments like deflector plates and side burners that can enhance the functionality of your grill.  

Side burners are especially useful when cooking for a crowd since they allow you to prepare side dishes while meat cooks on the rotisserie. 

FAQs about grill with rotisserie

A grill with rotisserie is a device used for cooking food using the indirect method of heat transfer, involving two different sources: (1) hot air and (2) heated surfaces. The heated surfaces include rods over which food may be placed and met and cooked by the heat source. 

The grill is usually placed atop another device—the barbecue or something with a similar purpose. It is constructed with a stand and may be mounted over the coals of a charcoal fire or over the burners of a gas grill. 

The grill is considered great because it allows for cooking food in whole pieces—such as poultry, beef, and pork—and even whole fish.  

It also helps conserve the juices of the meat inside while giving it a nice smoky flavor due to the continuous dripping of the meat’s fat onto the fire, which is usually covered with a lid. By cooking food slowly and continuously, it produces a very moist dish while sealing in all its flavors. 

The grill works by placing the food on metal skewers or rods that are then inserted into holes within a large piece of metal. The latter rotates slowly over a heat source while the food cooks from the surrounding heat and the grease drips from the meat helps create a fire, which then heats up an element that generates more intense heat for cooking. 

It uses indirect heat transfer to cook meat evenly from all sides, thus resulting in a moist dish that is not overcooked on the outside and still pink or red on the inside. 

A rotisserie rod, spit, or skewer is a metal bar usually between 17 and 30 inches long with pointed ends. It serves as the support system for meat to be cooked using the grill’s rotisserie function. The pointed ends of the rod are pushed into a center hole and held by a rotisserie motor that slowly turns the rod. 

A spit is an instrument used to hold meat or other food while roasting it over fire; it also refers to the long-handled fork used for rotating meat as it cooks. The food impaled on the spit is usually placed before or above hot coals to cook it evenly all around. 

The grill has four main types:  

(1) electric rotisserie grills, which use electricity to power a rotor that turns the spit rods of food placed in the central hole using an electric motor,  

(2) gas grill rotisseries, which use propane to power the rotor placed inside the center hole of food impaled on rotisserie rods, placed through this device that are then turned by a motor outside of it,  

(3) charcoal grills with built-in rotisserie burners, where coals are used to heat a metal plate that heats the food placed on rotisserie rods turned by a motor, and  

(4) non-motorized rotisseries, where the rod is manually turned using a crank. 

Its parts include spit rod, spit wheels, rotisserie rod motors, spit forks, center hole filler plate, push buttons for attaching motors to rods & fork or a crank in non-motorized grill. 

To clean a grill with rotisserie, you should let it cool completely. Then use a grill brush to remove any pieces that remain stuck on it.  

If the grill comes equipped with a removable center piece, take it out and use soap and water to wash both the inside and outside of the grill, then wipe dry with paper towels or leave in direct sunlight to air-dry. 

This type of grill is cooked as follows: 

  1. It leaves a browned exterior texture on meat, which provides a nice layer to the finished product.
  2. Its spit design enables juices from the food to drip down and help create a fire that then transforms an electric element into a heat source for cooking.
  3. Its rotating action slowly cooks all sides of the food, resulting in a moist dish that is not overcooked on the outside and still pink or red on the inside.
  4. The device can be used to cook different types of meat at a time by impaling them individually onto rotisserie rods placed into one rod holder.
  5. It has a large surface area for cooking large quantities of meat, vegetables, or other food.

This type has a few limitations:  

  1. It is difficult to cook starchy foods such as potatoes and yams on a grill with rotisserie because they cannot be impaled onto the rods and would fall through the center hole. To hold them, you would need a ring or a metal plate with holes in it to hold them.
  2. It requires electricity/gas/charcoal to work, which means that it cannot be used when these energy sources are not available
  3. This type of grill takes up space and is heavy to move around, compared to other grills.
  4. The rotisserie motor must be manually turned by hand, which can cause problems if the food is not evenly cooked due to uneven turning of the device.
  5. It does not work well for cooking thin or small pieces of meat that would fall through the rods.
  6. Rotisserie cooking systems are expensive to buy.

If you’re looking for a grill with a built-in rotisserie, you can expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 to upwards of $20,000. A quality restaurant will probably be the most expensive option.  

This price range is because many companies that make them are small businesses that really invest in the quality and safety of their product.  

A standard grill you can buy at a department store is bound to be upwards of $1,000, but you shouldn’t need to spend more than $300 on a good rotisserie if you just want it for your backyard or patio. 

You can buy a grill with built-in rotisserie at a local department store, home improvement center, or online

Some companies that make grills with rotisserie are Chevrolet, Weber, and Black & Decker. Brinkmann makes a tabletop version for barbecuing small pieces of food. 

If the barbecue grill has a spit or skewer attachment, then it can be used as a rotisserie. It’s best to have a barbecue grill with side burners so that more than one piece of meat can be cooked at once on separate spits. 

Best to use a barbecue grill with a rotisserie attachment. But you can also make your own spit and skewer or buy them separately, assemble and attach to an existing BBQ grill. 

You can either buy them separately or find a metal rod that fits the dimensions of your BBQ grill and a spit attachment. The best way is to get a metal rod that’s slightly thicker than the spit, so it won’t collapse under the weight of the meat while rotating.  

Drill a hole in both ends of the rod, one for attaching to your BBQ grill and the other for attaching the spit. Attach the spit to one end and you’re ready to go. 

Where can I find a barbecue grill with rotisserie attachment? 

Most large Supermarkets stock them, as well as BBQ equipment stores. They can be purchased online at Amazon or eBay and shipped directly to your home.  

When buying online it’s best to check the product specifications to ensure that it’s compatible with your current BBQ equipment, the weight limit should be at least 50lbs for large objects. 

Yes, it’s best to have at least two spits so that multiple food items can be cooked at once. It’s not recommended to cook meat directly above another meat because the fat and juices will drip down onto the food causing it to steam, unless you have a separator grate. 

It’s best to use slow cooking cuts of meat such as beef shoulder/butt, pork shoulder/butt and lamb shoulders for best results.  

Remove all bones with sharp knives and season with your favorite spice rub.  

Skewer the meat to fit snuggly in the center of your spit and secure it with string to ensure that it doesn’t move until done, you may require additional metal skewers for this purpose.  

Attach the spit onto your BBQ grill motor and plug into a power outlet, then slowly rotate using the controls for the desired time. 


After reading this post, you should be able to make a better decision about which grill is best for your summer BBQs. The grills we talked about all have their own strengths and weaknesses that may or may not fit with what you’re looking for in a rotisserie grill.  

If none of the grills discussed here sound like they would work for you, then try checking out our article on how to choose the best gas grill! As always, please let us know if there’s anything else we can help answer as well! 

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