Are Nugget ice makers worth it?

A nugget ice maker is a specialized kitchen appliance designed to produce a particular type of ice known as “nugget” or “Sonic ice.” This type of ice is popular for its soft and chewable texture, making it ideal for a variety of beverages and cocktails. Nugget ice makers are compact, countertop machines that can fit … Read more

19 Terms to Know Before Purchasing an Ice Maker

Are you feeling lost in your search for the ideal ice maker? There are so many unfamiliar terms (or terms you thought you knew but are being used differently) that finding what you’re looking for can be challenging. To assist you in your research, we have compiled and defined the following terms related to ice makers:  … Read more

Why You Should Install a Filter on Your Ice Maker

An ice maker is one of the most functional appliances a homeowner could possess. The days of remembering to remove, fill, and return an ice tray to the freezer while waiting for the cubes to freeze are long gone. You need to go to your ice maker, remove the bin, and pour the ice into … Read more

Undercounter vs. Portable Ice Makers: Their Pros and Cons

At first glance, portable ice makers may appear to be miniature versions of under-counter ice makers. This is not the situation. There are numerous similarities and differences between the two, and when shopping for an ice maker, you want to make the best possible purchase. To expedite the process, let’s examine the pros and cons … Read more

Five Installation Guidelines for a Countertop Ice Maker

After purchasing an under-counter ice maker for your home or business, installation is the next step. Although it is strongly recommended that you not only have a licensed plumber install your unit but also follow the installation instructions outlined in the owner’s manual, we have a few tips that, if adhered to, will make the installation process … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing an Undercounter Ice Maker

When entertaining guests, do you frequently run out of ice? It is a hassle to stock up on extra bagged ice, and those bags will quickly fill the available freezer space. Supplementing the amount of ice your freezer produces is inconvenient and costly. Purchasing a separate ice machine is worthwhile if you encounter this problem … Read more

Some Frequent Concerns About Portable Ice Makers

Portable ice makers are an excellent option for small living spaces such as apartments, boats, and recreational vehicles. In addition, they are an excellent alternative to purchasing bagged ice or dealing with cumbersome ice trays.  Whether you are considering portable ice makers for the first time or have been considering them for some time, you may have … Read more

Why an Ice Maker Is Ideal for Entertaining

Entertaining guests is among the most enjoyable activities a homeowner can engage in. However, it is only pleasant if everything runs as smoothly as possible throughout the event. As any host or hostess should know, planning is essential to the success of an event. Although there are numerous preparations you should make before hosting a … Read more

Ice Makers: A Brief Introduction

With such a wide variety of ice types, ice maker manufacturers, applications, and models, it is essential to understand the fundamentals so that you can select the ice maker that best meets your needs.  Most commercial units are found in bars, restaurants, hospitals, supermarkets, and convenience stores. In contrast, residential ice machines, particularly built-in and … Read more