A Simple Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Use An Electric Griddle

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If you’re like most people, you enjoy cooking outdoors on a grill. However, if you have a large family or like to entertain, grilling can take up a lot of time. That’s where an electric griddle comes in handy.  

Electric grills are essential tools for any commercial kitchen. They are perfect for cooking large quantities of food quickly and easily. Using an electric griddle is a great way to cook breakfast, lunch, or dinner.   

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use an electric griddle and some of the best recipes to cook on it. So, whether you’re just getting started with using an electric griddle or looking for new ideas, keep reading! 

What is Electric Griddle 

An electric griddle is a flat heated cooking surface, often used for electric cooktops. Electric griddles are useful for things like pancakes or bacon, which require large amounts of space to cook multiple items at once.  

Some electric griddles have extra features such as reversible grill/griddle plates, removable plates for easy cleaning and adjustable temperature controls for different foods. 

Types of Electric Griddles 

Electric griddles come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on what they will be used for. Common types include: 

  • Standard (single) burner. 
  • Double burner. 
  • Half grill/half griddle. 
  • Full grill/full skillet. 
  • Electric work/electric frypan combos. 

Types of electric griddles include: 

  • Electric grill. 
  • Electric wok/electric frypan combos. 
  • Stovetop-countertop hybrids that can be removed from their base when not in use. 

Electric Griddles are an excellent replacement for standard pans because it is easier to clean, electric grill (generally) doesn’t hold onto flavor like traditional pans. 

Electric Griddles usually come with an electric griddle is either single or double burners. The best electric grill has an electric skillet made of stainless steel or aluminum plate.  

Depending on your needs, an electric grill can be an electric stove for indoor use (home/apartment) or an electric range-style countertop for outdoor events. 

How to use an Electric Griddle 

1.) Unbox the electric griddle and read over the included instructions first. 

2.) Determine your desired plate size (standard electric griddles usually come in sizes of 4-8 inches). This will help you to figure out the amount of food that needs to be cooked. It’s recommended to leave around 1 inch between food on an electric griddle to ensure the items are fully cooked. 

3.) Connect the electric griddle to a grounded electric outlet. Keep in mind that electric griddles on average use about 1500 watts of electricity, which means they will typically need their own circuit breaker for your home (for safety reasons). Also make sure you don’t plug any other electric appliances into this circuit since it could lead to injury or electrical problems. 

4.) Set the electric griddle heating settings to match what you plan on cooking on it . For example, if you’re cooking French toast, set the electric griddle temperature setting between 325°F – 350°F (162°C- 177°C) so French toast is fully cooked through without being burnt. If you’re cooking pancakes, electric griddles are typically pre-heated to 350°F (177°C). 

5.) While the electric griddle is pre-heating, take out whatever food you plan on cooking. Make sure that all electric appliances have been turned off before doing this to prevent electric shock or injury. 

6.) Once the electric griddle has heated up to your desired temperature setting, place whatever food it is onto the electric griddle. It’s best if you let electric appliances heat fully so they don’t lose any heat while heating up certain foods. You may need to turn your electric griddle temperature down if overloading occurs. 

7.) Keep an eye on foods being cooked on a griddle. To avoid burning, electric appliances should only be slightly over the desired temperature setting. 

8.) Once your electric griddle has heated up, it’s time to start cooking! Just remember to always double check that electric appliances have been turned off before using and keep an eye on foods as they cook. 

Benefit of using an electric griddle 

  • The electric griddle is great for cooking recipes that call for an electric skillet or electric frying pan 
  • Electric Griddles can be used for many different foods such as pancakes, French toast, crepes, paninis and more!  
  • Electric griddles heat up quickly and remain hot throughout your cooking session. 
  • Electric Griddles typically do not require oil or butter when in use, improving their health benefits over traditional frying pans. Electric Griddles make it easy to achieve restaurant-style results in your own kitchen. 
  • Cooking on an Electric Griddle is also convenient because they allow you to cook multiple items in one go: this means less time in front of the stove and more time to eat, freeing you from the kitchen and enjoying your meal with friends and family. 
  • With the electric griddle there is no need to heat up your house in the summer with the stove or oven because you can cook everything outside on your electric griddle. 
  • Cleanup is very easy when making meals on an electric griddle. Since they are non-stick many things will just slide right off without having to scrub it after eating. If food does burn onto the surface, it will wipe right off with little effort. Reheating leftovers in the microwave has never been simpler thanks to electric griddles. 
  • Electric griddles that are double burners and electric countertop models with warming trays will allow you to cook while your food is kept warm until you’re all done eating. 

Specialized Uses for Griddles 

Most people who purchase electric griddles will use it to make pancakes, grill cheese sandwiches or cook eggs on their way out the door in the morning.  However, if you plan to use your electric griddle for anything other than what it was designed for, first make sure that you understand what is safe and what’s not. 

For example, an electric wok may be used as a stove-top wok too, but this requires extra caution because the power of the electrical element cannot compare to what would be used on a gas range or regular oven.  Also consider what type of grill plate is required for what food you are preparing…are there separate plates needed?  A lot of times there are accessories that come with the unit that may not be what you originally were looking for but may come in handy later. 

For those who want to grill multiple items at once, double burner electric griddles are available that allow you to cook different foods simultaneously. 

People often choose electric griddles because they don’t take up a lot of space and the food is ready much faster than on a traditional stove top.  Some models can reach temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 Celsius). 

Cooking Tips: When using an electric griddle, it is helpful to preheat the cooking plate before adding any ingredients and use plenty of butter or oil for lubrication purposes. Also make sure the lid is closed while cooking; these traps heat inside and help maintain even temperature throughout according to what kind of food you are preparing. 

Electric Griddle Accessories 

Many electric griddles come with at least one accessory out-of-the-box.  Popular accessories include detachable drip trays, stand to hold an extra griddle plate or removable rubber feet for when the unit is not in use. Some units even have a built-in thermometer that goes up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 Celsius). 

If you don’t receive what you think should have been included with your purchase, please be sure that the store is willing to rectify this before purchasing additional items since many retailers offer 30-day money backs on all open box returns regardless of what the product originally sold for…this means no matter what you paid for the product, what discounts were included and what accessories you may have received in the box, if something is missing and it was not what was described when you made your purchase, the retailer should offer a full refund. 

It is important to know what features come with what products before making any purchases.  Look for information online about what comes included in the box and what addons you need to purchase separately such as: griddle plates/grill plates/wok rings/fry pans…the list goes on. Also make sure that all the buttons are working properly because there is nothing worse than having a non-working appliance or accessory when you get home from a busy day of shopping 

People who love cooking outdoors will often purchase an outdoor electric grill because of the variety of what they can offer.  If you plan to use your griddle on a regular basis, it is a good idea to purchase one that comes with multiple features and accessories to make cooking easier for you. 


The electric griddle is a great product for people who want to make breakfast quickly, or those that need something hot and fresh on the go. It’s also perfect for cooking bacon at home without having to worry about turning it over halfway through.  

You can use an electric griddle in your kitchen as well as outdoors near the grill! Electric Griddles are safe because they have thermostats which regulate temperature so even if you leave it unattended, there won’t be any risk of fire hazards.  

These appliances are typically very easy to clean with non-stick surfaces and removable parts like drip pans or side trays. If you’re considering purchasing one, let us know – we’ve got some good ones here at our store! 

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