Pellet grills – worth the money?

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Doing pellet grill reviews is not easy I found out. The opinions are still very divided. Some people love them and use them every day and others hate them and would never buy one again.

I have not made up my mind for the full hundred percent but I am getting more and more impressed after doing some pellet grill reviews with how easy they are to use and how the outcome of your cooking is very consistent.

I hope this pellet grill review will help me make up my, and many other people’s minds, in deciding on what is the best pellet smoker for the best price.

I will try to review as many pellet grill brands as possible as part of my outdoor grill reviews.

Main pellet grill manufacturers

  • Traeger
  • Rec Tec
  • Camp Chef
  • Green Mountain
  • Z grills
  • Pit Boss
  • Louisiana Grills
  • Bradley
  • Expert grills

Let’s dive a little deeper into this pellet smoker review and have a look at the brands I believe are worth looking at.


I have to be honest and say that the most looked at name in my pellet grill reviews research is for is the Traeger pellet grill. The reason is probably that they are compared to other brands relatively reasonably priced.
You can have a look at all the Traeger grill reviews here.

These awesome pellet grills have three popular models and we reviewed them on their separate pages. You can find the links to these 3 also there on that page.

In the past, there were some problems with the digital controller but these are solved as far as I know.

Rec Tec

Some people call this the Rolls Royce under the pellet grills in the pellet grill reviews I did. After doing my reviews I have to admit that I am very impressed with this pellet grill that also works great as a grill. I did look at the following models for you.

After reading about these Rec Tec pellet grills I could not find a lot of negative reviews except maybe the price tag of this smoker. But like I have mentioned many times, you get what you pay for in most cases.

Camp Chef

Camp Chef has a nice range of pellet grills and smokers in several price ranges. Here is an overview of all Camp Chef pellet grill reviews I did.

There are several popular models we found doing our pellet smoker reviews and a few of them are reviewed.

    Pit Boss

    The Pit boss pellet grill is very popular and many people love this smoker. I am working on the reviews of the many available models. However, if you like to see the price you can click on the following link.

    You can also read my Pit Boss pellet grill reviews on their own page.

    Louisiana Grills

    If there is one brand I can’t leave out here it is this one. I started on Louisiana Grills reviews and still have a lot to do to finish all of them.

    Green Mountain

    Green Mountain pellet grills

    Green Mountain has a few nice models in their pellet grill category.

    • Green Mountain Davy Crockett
    • Green Mountain Jim Bowie
    • Green Mountain Daniel Boone

    Z Grills

    Z Grills is maybe not on one of the most known pellet grill brands we found out in our pellet smoker reviews, but the ratings surprised me.
    There are a few models we will have and had a good look at.

    You can find all the  Z-Grills reviews here.
    Like I mentioned in these short pellet smoker reviews, we will look at all models on their own page.


    I am still not sure if I will spend time on a Bradley pellet grill review. I have looked at them and found between 12 and 20% of the people gave it a rating that was not that great.

    I basically don’t waste my and your time on pellet grill reviews or any other review under an average of 4 stars unless I have formed a different opinion.
    You can have a look at all the Bradley smokers on amazon here if you like.

    Expert pellet grills

    I know that many people have doubts about these grills from Walmart. However, in my expert grill reviews, I found that they have 3 models of pellet grills.

    The Concord, Atlas, and Commodore pellet grills are worth having a look at.

    Best pellet smoker grill for the money

    Answering the question of what is the best pellet smoker for the money is like talking about cars. Everyone has his or her preference.

    My personal opinion is that one of the Traeger pellet grills offers a nice bang for your buck. If I could choose, and did not had to worry about the price tag, I would probably pick the Rec Tec pellet smoker, but I am sure that in the comments sooner or later someone will have a different opinion.

    I read somewhere that the Z-grills are made in the same factory as the Traegers and the reason is that they wanted to sell their own grills and in that way probably make more money,

    I will continue to do pellet barbecue grill reviews here and add them to this page.

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