APPASO Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Even though Delta and Moen are known for their high quality, they still cost money. As an alternative, how about something more affordable? Yep! If you like it, I thought you would, too! We’re presenting APPASO, one of the best kitchen faucets under $100!

  • Heavy-duty, sturdy and durable Brass body
  • Flexible 20-inch hose
  • Honeycomb-Like Aerator
  • Self-Retracting Technology
  • Comes with a Optional Deck Plate
  • Perfect for 1 or 3 Hole Installation
Mounting TypeUnder-mount
MaterialHeavy-Duty 304 Stainless Steel + High Temperature and Pressure Resistant PEX Hose
Finish typeBrushed
Handle typeOriginal streamlined
pros PROS
  • Looks exquisite.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Three spray modes are available.
  • Docking with magnets.
  • Excellent warranty.
cons CONS
  • The matte finish may flake off.


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The first thing that strikes you about this kitchen faucet is its refined appearance, resulting from the brushed nickel finish, high arch, and gooseneck design. The stainless steel construction ensures maximum durability, and the manufacturer offers a five-year limited warranty on the product.

If the various finishes offered by Delta and Moen impressed you, you’re sure to appreciate the APPASO’s exquisite appearance. Apart from the matte black and oil-rubbed bronze finishes, a touch of gold completes the stunning look of your sink.


APPASO incorporated an incredible feature into the spray head. After repositioning it, you can choose between spray and stream modes. However, if you place your hand on the nozzle’s top, you will pause the stream. This improves efficiency and reduces the likelihood of splashing. This may be a necessary feature, as a 2GPM water consumption rate can unexpectedly high pressure when operating.

APPASO even outperforms high-end Pfister faucets such as the Pfister Clarify Xtract in terms of spray functions. APPASO offers three spray modes for efficient cleaning at a very reasonable price, whereas Pfister requires nearly triple the price for only two modes.

Additionally, like the Delta Essa 9113-DST, this faucet utilizes a power magnetic docking system. It firmly secures the spray head. Additionally, the retractable hose similar to Moen comes into play when you pull down the head. Moreover, the hose is flexible, allowing you to reach every corner of the sink.

The product features an easy-to-clean ABS nozzle and a 20-inch hose with plenty of maneuverability. Installation is straightforward and should take no longer than 20 to 30 minutes.

Should you buy APPASO Pull Down Kitchen Faucet?

Expensive looks, a reasonable price, three spray modes, excellent reliability, ease of installation, and a whopping 5-year warranty make the APPASO a fish you do not want to let go of!


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