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Everdure CUBE Portable Charcoal Grill

Grilling season has arrived, and we couldn’t be happier. We can already taste the hot dogs and hamburgers, the grilled vegetables, and the flaky fish that outdoor cooking will entail this summer.  

And, while we have a grill for our backyard, we’ve been thinking: what if we could grill on the beach (ask permission first!) or in a park?  

What if we could get delectable grilled food almost anywhere? We can, however, with this Everdure CUBE Portable Charcoal Grill. 

  • Portable And Compact 
  • built-in heat protection shield 
  • integrated storage 
  • Grill On Any Surface 
  • Easy To Clean 
Model NameEverdure CUBE
Power SourceCharcoal
ColorMatte Black
Item Weight15.43 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH13.67 x 16.73 x 9.05 inches
Fuel TypeCharcoal
pros PROS
  • It’s incredibly portable and convenient to transport. 
  • It helps keep the surface beneath cool. 
  • It’s simple to clean. 
  • It is suitable for beginners. 
  • It is sufficiently large to accommodate cookware. 
cons CONS
  • The grill grate could be improved. 
  • It’s probably too small to feed a crowd effectively. 


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Everdure CUBE is a portable charcoal grill comprised of a porcelain enamel firebox, a food-grade storage tray, and an integrated bamboo preparation board that serves as a lid.  

The Everdure range is the brainchild of British chef Heston Blumenthal; it combines Blumenthal’s extensive culinary knowledge with minimalist Danish design elements. 

The CUBE is ideal for transporting to picnics, campsites, or even the beach, with a deceptively large cooking area capable of grilling enough food to feed an entire family.  

The Cube’s lightweight steel construction and cool-to-the-touch handles make it easy to transport. It’s the ideal camp stove for grilling outdoors. Use it as a tailgate grill with family and friends, or bring it to the beach as a portable BBQ. 

The Cube barbeque grill comes with an integrated base that protects any surface. The integrated heat protection shield makes this the ideal tabletop charcoal grill for tailgating, RV camping, or travel. 

This charcoal grill includes an integrated tray for storing accessories or food. Additionally, it consists of a bamboo cutting board for preparing meat, fish, and vegetables. These items are secured in a tiny portable grill by two safety latches. 


Cleaning the Cube is a breeze, thanks to the charcoal tray, firebox, and detachable grill rack. This portable camping charcoal grill eliminates the need for gas or propane. It is constructed with high-quality materials and is intended for long-term use. 

Should you buy Everdure CUBE Portable Charcoal Grill? 

We believe the BBQ is ideal for campers or barbecuing away from home. It’s lightweight, and when you’re finished cooking, clip the lid back on, and it’s contained for the ride home.  

At this price point, we’d like to see a heatproof cover that eliminates the need for the BBQ to be elevated or constantly supervised to protect pets or small children—the travel bag, which would make transporting the CUBE significantly more straightforward.  

It is not the cheapest charcoal BBQ on the market, but it does an excellent job of performing as advertised. Additionally, it’s a beauty with a big name on the side for our image-conscious readers. 

However, the construction is extremely sturdy, with nice touches such as cool-to-the-touch handles and a vibrant, matte exterior. While this is a high price for a portable BBQ, you can see where the money was spent. 

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