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Moen 87233SRS Adler Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Moen 87233SRS Adler Pulldown Kitchen Faucet features a single handle and a classic design. The Adler faucet is at home in any kitchen, thanks to its Power Clean technology, Reflex self-retracting hose, smooth curve design, and variety of finish options.

  • Spot Resist stainless finish
  • High Arc Design
  • Two function spray wand
  • Power Clean spray technology
  • Reflex Self-Retracting Hose
  • Quick Connect Installation
  • ADA Compliant
Mounting TypeDeck Mount
Finish typeStainless
Handle typeLever
pros PROS
  • Affordable
  • Its high arc spout allows cleaning a larger area.
  • Easy to install
  • Smooth hose operation
  • It has ADA Compliant
  • No water spots
cons CONS
  • Hard Spray Nozzle
  • No indicator
  • Small Area Coverage


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When we think of a classy faucet, the first thing that comes to mind is the spot that water leaves behind. It is not only water spot resistant but also fingerprint-resistant. To accomplish this, we must choose a stain-resistant stainless steel variant.

The Adler is a classic-looking cabinet with a variety of finish options that blend seamlessly with modern kitchen appliances.

Due to the sensorless nature of the device, the finish is critical because it must be touched with a wet hand. However, the stain-resistant stainless steel finish eliminates the need for any water stains.

If we want to match the interior finish of our kitchen, we can also choose from four variants. These include Chrome, Stainless Steel with a Spot Resistant Finish, Mediterranean Bronze, and Matte Black.

The high arch is approximately 15 inches tall, allowing for easy filling of large containers. Additionally, the power clean technology ensures that you receive increased water force while cleaning.

Once again, the self-retracting pull-down hose is highly long, expanding to 68 inches. Again, the aerated stream and powerful spray meet various cleaning needs, from heavy-duty cleaning to gentle rinsing.

However, the spout enters only sideways, which may be inconvenient in some instances. Additionally, the numerous installation options with a three-hole plate are highly convenient. You’re sure to be pleasantly surprised by its straightforward and quick installation process.


It ensures that its product ranges and competitive features remain relevant to market competition and user demand as a reputable brand. It has some impressive features, some of which are significantly better than those offered by its closest competitors at the moment.

  • Dual Functionality: Generally, we use it to get consistent water flow from the faucet regardless of the knob’s position. The Moen high arc pull-down faucet has exceeded our expectations by incorporating two modes into a single faucet. Aerated stream for regular sink rinsing and power mode* for cleaning that requires muscle application.
  • Power Cleaning Mode: This high-performance mode boosts spray power by 150 percent over normal mode. It increases the spray force of the nozzles. There is nothing else.
  • Versatile Hose: The hose included with this faucet is self-retracting, which means it can be retracted from any distance or angle.

Why you should buy Moen 87233SRS Pulldown Kitchen Faucet?

The Moen high arc pull-down kitchen faucet is a versatile faucet for any kitchen, whether in our home or a restaurant. It is the best choice for your kitchen deck if you want a multi-functional and stylish faucet. Suppose you’ve decided to buy it, learn how to install a kitchen faucet.

Despite being sensorless, the Moen 87233SRS Adler is unquestionably one of Moen’s best. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking dependability at a price point that fits their budget.


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