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Royal Gourmet GA4400T Gas Grill

This Royal Gourmet GA4400T Gas Grill is ideal for those of us looking for something with extremely high heat levels. It features four stainless steel burners that generate 40,00 BTUs each. As a result, you can achieve the desired cooking power level for larger meat pieces.

If you’re finding to make a long-term investment, stainless steel is an excellent choice for the entire structure. Side tables are included. When I’m preparing a variety of meats and vegetables, I need all the storage space I can get my hands on.

  • 640 square inches cooking area
  • 4 Stainless Steel Burners
  • Two side tables
  • Porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates
  • The grease management system
  • Electronic ignition system
  • Two durable wheels
  • Exclusive stainless steel construction finishes
  • Flame Tamers
  • Lid-mounted Thermometer
BrandRoyal Gourmet
MaterialPorcelain, Stainless Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH52.95 x 22.05 x 46.06 inches
Item Weight76.1 Pounds
pros PROS
  • Even distribution of heat. 
  • The cooking area is quite large. 
  • Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze. 
  • A warming rack included 
cons CONS
  • Scratches on the surface are possible. 


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The Royal Gourmet GA4400T Gas Grill with Side Tables is a stylish cooking machine that delivers 40,000 BTUs evenly and provides additional preparation space. You’re going to adore this, and it’s a godsend for those who enjoy grilling at home with friends and family! 

It features 471 square inches of porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and 169 square inches of chrome-plated steel warming rack, totaling 640 square inches of cooking space suitable for an 8-10 person gathering. 

The primary cooking area is constructed of sturdy porcelain-enameled cast iron that retains heat better than other materials. It’s straightforward to clean, which saves you time and effort. 

Two sturdy side tables add convenience by providing additional storage space for various items. While cooking, you can arrange tools, seasonings, and meat plates on the table. 

Four powerful stainless steel tube burners generate a total of 40,000 BTU and provide a wide temperature range with precise control to ensure perfect grilling. 

A removable grease tray and grease cup protect your grill and make cleaning easier. They are intended to collect drippings and residues from grilling. 

The covered flame tamers are designed to evenly distribute heat throughout the grilling area, protect burners from drippings, and help prevent flare-ups. 

Simply activate the stainless steel burners by pressing the electronic ignitor on the panel. It is simple to operate and convenient. The integrated thermometer gauge ensures accurate temperature monitoring in real-time, allowing you to adjust performance as needed. 

This four-burner gas grill can easily be moved around the backyard or garden with two weather-resistant wheels. 

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