The Best Way to Make Coffee

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The best way to make coffee may mean different things to different people, but there are some generally accepted ways to accomplish that perfect cup of coffee also known as the Golden Cup. Whether you use the worlds most loved drink as a way to get your butt moving in the morning, an afternoon pick me up or after dinner as a treat we’ll give you a few pointers. So unless you are one of the purists that require a French Press Coffee Maker these guidelines will have you brewing a consistently good cup of coffee.

Here are the few basics that will help you to find the best way to make coffee no matter which brewing method you choose.

The Best Way to Make Coffee – Buying the beans.

  • Buy your beans in smaller quantities so you can use them before they go stale (More coming on that).
  • If you buy your beans in non heat sealed bags or roast your own beans make sure that it has only been a few days since they were roasted. Non sealed beans can go stale in as little as 12 days.
  • Buy your beans in the heat sealed bags with the one way degassing valve. The valve lets carbon dioxide out and won’t let oxygen in. Beans bought this way are good for at least 90 days unopened.
  • Try not to buy pre-ground beans. Grinding coffee ahead of time speeds the oxidation process and thereby shortens, by a considerable amount, the length of time that the coffee remains fresh.
  • Once you have opened the heat sealed bag if you don’t think you will be finishing the whole bag within 12 days store the beans in the freezer. If you are going to finish them, then just store them in a zip lock bag away from heat.

The Best Way to Make Coffee – Grinding the Beans

  • Get a good quality adjustable conical burr grinder. This will allow you to match the grind to your method of brewing.
  • The grinds are as follows. Coarse Grind: For percolators and making coffee concentrate. Medium Grind: For plunger pots and flat bottom drip coffee filter machines. Fine Grind: Used with drip coffee makers having a cone shaped filter, vacuum pots and for Turkish coffee. Xtra Fine Grind: This is the realm of the espresso machine.
  • Proper brewing time for coffee is between 4 and 6 minutes so adjust your grind to achieve that goal.
  • Don’t change the grind to adjust coffee strength.
  • A grind and brew coffee machine, such as a Capresso Coffee Maker, handles this for you.

The Best Way to Make Coffee – Brewing

  • Always use fresh cold water and if you are unfortunate enough to live in an area with high levels of chlorine please filter the water.
  • Grind your beans just before brewing. Again if you have a grind and brew coffee machine this is handled for you.
  • Use the proper amount of coffee. This is generally 2 tablespoons of coffee for every 6 ounces of water.
  • Do not make a second batch of coffee using grind that has already been used, no matter how much you want to save on coffee use.
  • If you are using something other than and automatic coffee maker do not use boiling water. This will harm the oils and the flavor in the grind. Proper water temperature for coffee brewing is between 195 degrees F and 205 degrees F. To achieve this temperature simply remove the pot from the heat when it boils and then let it sit for a minute or two.
  • Make sure all your equipment is clean, especially that area where the water enters the drip filter. It gets nasty under there.
  • Coffee on a heating plate will last no longer than 20 minutes before going bad, use a thermal carafe that has been pre-heated if possible.

So there you have it a few guidelines that give you the best way to make coffee. No matter what type of brewing method you use some if not all of these methods can be adopted or adapted to suit your situation.

Now go out there and start making some great coffee. Enjoy!

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