Warning Oily Coffee Beans Ahead

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Okay so you jumped in and bought one of the new grind and brew coffee machines or maybe you even went further and got a new super automatic coffee machine. It’s arrived at your front door, you’ve set up and you’re about to put in some of that great dark roast coffee you purchased. All I can say is STOP!

Why do I say stop? Take a look at the coffee beans; if they are dark and oily looking then you are setting yourself up for some headaches later on down the line. That same oil that you see on the surface of the beans will in time gum up your machine and cause the grinder to pack solid and not function.

They say a word to the wise is sufficient and in the video below from Seattle coffee gear.com you will be able see very graphically what those fine dark roast beans can do a high price machine. Some of the things to take note of are as follows.

Oily Coffee Beans Damage

  • Take note of the staining of all the plastic parts from the oily coffee beans and from what they say it’s a smelly proposition as well.
  • Take note also of the way the oil will weld individual beans to the side of the machine and make the delivery chute less slick so you bean delivery is impaired.
  • The dark roast oily coffee beans are not really necessary for great coffee. The grind of the bean is more important than the dark roasting.
  • The grinder in the machine shown has been completely caked with ground coffee that is been welded in place by the oils from the oily coffee beans. No folks this is not easy to clean and if you disassemble be sure you know how to recalibrate the grinder.
  • According to the video there really is no good way to use oily coffee beans. The one exception I can think of to that is if you have a dosing chute incorporated into your machine. A dosing chute is included as a way to use pre-ground beans in your machine.

As you will soon see in the video below oily coffee beans = goo, which will eventually have you either replacing your machine or having it spend some quality time at the repair shop. Even though his video was shot about a super automatic coffee machine the principles are the same, if you have an internal grinder on your machine stay away from the oily coffee beans.

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