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New Coffee Statistics

Since we are so deeply involved with coffee here at Grind and Brew Coffee Machine it means reading a lot about coffee and from many different sources. One of those sources is the newswire and sometimes you see something that makes you wonder. That’s the case with survey that was implemented by Dunkin Donuts recently. Granted this survey was done by an independent company and only encapsulated 500 coffee drinkers, but it is interesting.

So exactly what can we take away from the results of this survey? Take a look and tell us what you think.

  • 70% of the folks that were talked to said that coffee would be part of their Valentines Day dinner. Ok, but it’s probably part of most of their dinners.
  • 64% of the responders said that they have gone out on a first date for coffee. Sounds safe to me.
  • Ok take note guys. What were the favorite brews to have on a date? 30% Cappuccino, 28% said just plain old coffee, 21% replied iced coffee and 21% have a latte.
  • The most romantic flavors of coffee chosen by the group were French Vanilla at 38% (big women’s vote), 16% were for a Mocha and bringing up the rear was caramel at 15%.
  • Here’s the big one! 50% of these folks said that they would rather have a fresh cup of coffee from their significant other than flowers. Really! Really! Ok guys when was the last time you wife or girlfriend said that they would rather have coffee than flowers? Answer: Never! Well maybe if it was coming out of their brand new super automatic coffee machine.
  • Now this one I can believe. 31% of the women that responded said that they would rather do without their guy than their coffee for week.

It doesn’t stop there though. According to the Neurological Director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation says that you may be able to tell a lot from someone’s choices. Take a look at what the foundation says.

  • If you drink your coffee black you tend to be outgoing and lively and are grounded in the present.
  • If you add sweetener to that coffee you are likely a natural leader, enjoy being in control and expect the best output from everyone. I other words you’re disappointed a lot.
  • When you add cream you are a very social person.
  • If skim milk is your thing then you enjoy the company of others but don’t like attention drawn to yourself.

Ok I have one question what do you drink if you’re a soul sucking crazoid? I think this would be good to know, don’t you?

So there you have it a few new statistics about coffee and coffee drinkers that you didn’t know before. Now as you take this information and use it to psychoanalyze your date try to remember that this data should probably be taken with a grain of salt or some cream or sweetener, depending on how you want to look to the person across the table. Oh and if you figure out that whole soul sucking crazoid thing let us know.

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