Best Countertop Wine Coolers for a perfectly chilled glass

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For wine enthusiasts, selecting a countertop wine cooler is about more than simply maintaining an appropriate temperature for their favorite beverage. Additionally, it’s about choosing a design that complements their kitchen’s or living room’s style and ambiance.  

In recent years, the market for these appliances has exploded, with new models being introduced regularly. What was once a simple square box that held a single bottle now comes in various configurations, including refrigerators, under-counter models, and double door cabinets with glass doors. 

The wine cooler is the best countertop wine cooler because it maintains the ideal temperature for your wine. It features a sleek design that complements any decor style and takes up little space. They are constructed of stainless steel or durable acrylic because they maintain a constant temperature for extended periods. Additionally, they will never emit an odor like plastic does after years of use—think of all the delectable wines you’ve consumed! 

Several factors must be considered when selecting an option, including size, bottle capacity, and temperature settings. If you’re in the market for a new appliance, read our guide below to determine which type of product is best for your needs! 

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Do You Need A Countertop Wine Cooler? 

There are numerous types of wine coolers available for purchase. These units are designed to meet the needs of most wine lovers who do not have access to a cellar to preserve their wines. 

Based on design and size, there are three distinct types of wine coolers. 

Freestanding Wine Coolers 

The primary distinction between these wine coolers and standard refrigerators is that the wine coolers are designed specifically for wine storage. These units can range in size from small wine coolers with capacities of 12 to 18 bottles to medium and large wine coolers, which can accommodate collections of 100 or more bottles. 

These units may be either thermoelectric or compressor wine coolers. It would help to choose the appropriate option depending on your needs and where you intend to install the unit. You will also be able to select a unit with dual temperature zones, which is ideal if you have a diverse wine collection. 

Built-in Wine Coolers 

As the name implies, these units are intended to be installed inside kitchen cabinets or incorporated into the living room or home office as part of the furniture. Built-in wine coolers typically have smaller capacities than freestanding wine coolers and are typically compressor units, although some manufacturers also produce thermoelectric wine coolers. Similarly, to freestanding units, you can choose between models with one or two temperature zones based on your requirements. 

Countertop Wine Coolers 

These units are the most miniature models of wine coolers available on the market and are ideal if you have a small wine collection or limited space in your home. These units can be placed anywhere, from the kitchen countertop to a cabinet shelf or a table in the living room or home office. Numerous manufacturers employ thermoelectric technology in their countertop wine coolers, so these devices are typically quiet. 

Although designed for small collections, the capacities of most countertop wine coolers range from four to twenty-four bottles. Remember that these wine coolers must be placed away from the walls to function correctly, as they require adequate ventilation. Choose a built-in model if you wish to integrate the cooler into a piece of furniture. 

Most miniature models of countertop wine coolers are almost exclusively single-temperature zone units, whereas the larger models may feature dual-temperature zones. 

How to Choose a Wine Cooler for a Countertop 

A countertop wine cooler is an appliance that maintains a constant temperature for your bottles, maximizing their flavor. It’s practical because it fits any kitchen counter, takes up little space, and is reasonably priced.  

Countertop wine coolers are ideal for those who lack the area for a traditional cooling unit or who wish to invest in this type of appliance without spending a fortune. Some models include additional features such as a dual-zone cooling system or digital controls, further enhancing the storage experience. 

When shopping for a new cooler, there are several factors to consider. 

Dimensions, Shape, and Design 

Before purchasing a countertop wine cooler, you should ensure that it complements your style. When determining its size, consider the amount of space it will take up on your kitchen counter. Additionally, think about how it will work with the room’s existing appliances. 

There are numerous models available today, each with a unique design that complements or contrasts with your kitchen’s décor. You should choose an appliance that complements both the surroundings and the overall atmosphere of your home. While some people prefer simple designs, others prefer more exotic ones that fit their personality perfectly. 

Cooling System  

Thermoelectric and compressor cooling systems are the two primary types. Although thermoelectric models are generally quieter than compressor models, they are also more expensive. 

These appliances typically have between one and three fans depending on the model. Compressor systems use a refrigerant that emits gases that can affect the flavor of wine over time; therefore, if you enjoy the taste of your wines, thermoelectric technologies may be preferable. 

Additional Significant Features 

If you’re looking for a wine storage appliance, consider the following features: digital or analog controls, glass door or solid plastic front, wooden shelves (for decor), a locking mechanism (to prevent friends from helping themselves). Additional features to consider include dual-zone cooling and self-cleaning. 

Specific models feature digital controls that allow you to precisely control the temperature in each section, ensuring that your wines are stored at their optimal condition. A glass door is far superior to a solid plastic front, especially if you wish to showcase your wine collection. 

 Compared to the more common metal shelves, the wooden frames add a touch of class and style. Some models include locking mechanisms to ensure that no one can easily open them or remove bottles when they are not supposed to, which is ideal for families with children running around the house!  

Automatic cleaning models save time and effort, and they’re incredibly convenient because you won’t have to clean them manually. Determine the features that are important to you, and then look for a model that includes them all. 


Because wine coolers have varying storage capacities, it’s critical to determine how much space you have available in your kitchen before purchasing. Specific countertop models can accommodate up to 26 bottles, while others only hold four or five.  

Additionally, keep in mind that you will need to store your existing collection in a traditional cooling unit when using a countertop model. If you lack the counter space for a new appliance, consider purchasing a built-in wine cooler instead. 

Added Features 

While not required, some wine coolers come equipped with additional features that may make them more convenient for you. Bear in mind that these are merely an added benefit; they do not take the place of the primary function of keeping your bottles at a constant temperature. 

A dual-zone cooling system enables the storage of two distinct types of wine at two temperatures. By allowing you to set the desired temperature precisely, digital controls give you greater control over your wine storage. 

Interior lighting not only enhances the cooler’s aesthetics but also aids in selecting a bottle stored on lower shelves. You can choose between blue and red depending on your preferences and the amount of light in your kitchen. Blue LED lights are gentler on the eyes and contribute to preserving the quality of white wines. 


Select the countertop wine cooler that is most appropriate for your needs. If you intend to move it or install it on a different countertop, choose a smaller and lighter model. Additionally, consider the location of your wine bottles within the appliance and their accessibility.

Additionally, keep in mind that not all models include a built-in lock; therefore, if you need to protect your wine from unauthorized individuals, choose a unit that provides this feature. 


This is critical if your kitchen is small. Some countertop models hold up to 26 bottles, while others only hold four or five. Before choosing a model, check the dimensions to ensure that it will fit in the space you intend to use it. 


Wine coolers are available at a range of price points based on their features and storage capacity. Countertop units are typically the least expensive and offer sufficient space for a few bottles of wine. They range in price between $35 and $340, depending on the size and design. 

Review Of The 9 Best Countertop Wine Coolers 

When you first start drinking wine, you likely learned that you shouldn’t store it in the refrigerator or kitchen counter. Therefore, what are you expected to do? 

For many individuals, the solution is a countertop wine cooler. These sleek appliances are essentially miniature refrigerators designed to maintain temperatures ideal for all types of wine. In addition to helping you store wine, the suitable wine cooler can add a touch of elegance to any kitchen. 

I became interested in wine coolers after researching them personally. There are so many countertop wine coolers on the market that I felt compelled to learn what makes a sound or lousy countertop wine cooler. This article contains the entirety of my research on the subject, including: 

1. Best Overall: Magic Chef MCWC6B 6-Bottle Wine Cooler

The Magic Chef 6-bottle single-zone wine cooler with sculpted chrome shelves and interior lighting is ideal for storing and displaying your wine collection. The unit’s design is sleek and compact, and the black cabinet complements any decor. This wine cooler can be placed in the kitchen, the living room, or the office. 

Thermoelectric cooling with variable temperature control permits the storage of wine at the perfect serving temperature. Its 6-bottle capacity is ideal for smaller spaces, making it suitable for countertop use. 

Key Features 
  • 6-bottle capacity 
  • Thermoelectric cooling 
  • Adjustable temperature control 
  • 46¡Fð64¡F Temperature Range 
  • Sculpted chrome shelves; 2 Removable Sculpted Chrome Wine Bottle Racks 
  • Removable chrome shelves
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Leveling legs
  • Internal light
  • The unit is not provided with a thermostat

2. Best All Round Wine Cooler: Cuisinart CWC 8 Bottle Wine Cooler

Cuisinart CWC-800CEN 8-Bottle Private Reserve Wine Cellar, Black


Finding a compact, well-rounded wine cooler can be challenging. Nevertheless, Cuisinart’s CWC 8-Bottle Wine Cooler is one of the best wine coolers on the market. It is only one foot wide but can still accommodate eight bottles. It can cool between 39- and 68-degrees Fahrenheit, the broadest temperature range on the market. In addition to being a thermoelectric cooler, it prevents the wine from vibrating. 

Additionally, the door hinge is located on the left. Most wine coolers have a right-side hinge. Not every kitchen is suitable for a right-side hinge. This rare find may be the best option if you want your door to open instead of on the right side. 

Key Features 
  • Efficient thermoelectric cooling system – for less noise and Energy consumption that holds 8 wine bottles 
  • Touchscreen controls easily adjust temperature and soft interior light 
  • Designer stainless steel trim on exterior 
  • 3 contoured chrome racks designed to hold up to 8, 750ml or 1500ml bottles triple-pane viewing window and adjustable feet 
  • Triple-pane viewing window and adjustable feet 
  • Included Components: 3 Racks 
  • Item Dimensions: 12. 3″(L) x 22. 6″(W) x 19. 2″(H) 
  • Adjustable feet ensure stability
  • The capacity accommodates eight standard 750-ml bottles.
  • Four chrome contoured wine racks provide efficient storage
  • Customer care can be questionable.

3. Best Designed Wine Cooler: Koolatron Thermoelectric 8 bottle Wine Cooler

Koolatron 8 Bottle Wine Cooler, Black, Thermoelectric Wine Fridge, 0.8 cu. ft. (23L), Freestanding Urban Series Wine Refrigerator, Red, White and Sparkling Wine Storage for Kitchen and Apartment

Koolatron is one of the few brands that specialize in wine coolers to the extent that it does. This brand manufactures various stylish, energy-efficient wine coolers ideal for kitchen countertops. The 8-bottle model strikes a good balance between capacity and space efficiency. With a height of fewer than 22 inches and a width of less than one foot, this model is small enough to complement a variety of decors. 

This Koolatron WC08 wine cooler is one of the minor options, but its technical specifications distinguish it from its competitors. This wine refrigerator’s compact size makes it an attractive option for kitchens with limited space. It will fit neatly in small nooks and crannies and will sit comfortably alongside other appliances without requiring you to sacrifice valuable counter space. This compact wine cooler has enough space for up to eight bottles of your favorite wine. Three wire wine racks are included for more secure storage of your bottles, and each can be removed easily if you wish to rearrange the interior of your refrigerator. 

Always optimal temperature conditions are maintained using thermoelectric cooling technology. In addition to being an energy-efficient option, this refrigerator’s cooling system ensures minimal vibration and noise. The double-paned glass door of your refrigerator provides superior insulation and prevents external heat sources from penetrating the interior. Easy-to-use digital controls on the exterior of the refrigerator enable you to make quick adjustments without having to open the fridge and disturb your wine collection. 

Key Features 
  • Affordable Luxury: This elegant freestanding wine fridge holds up to 8 standard-sized wine bottles and fits perfectly on a table or countertop so you can get the most out of your favorite vintages 
  • Touch Screen Controls: External controls and digital display let you view and adjust the temperature or turn the interior light on or off without opening the door, so the cool air stays inside 
  • Freestanding Convenience: You can place this compact freestanding wine cellar anywhere there is a power source, so your favorite wines are always close at hand 
  • UV Protective Glass Door: Double-paned mirrored glass door protects your wine from damage by harmful UV rays while soft interior lighting subtly highlights your wine collection 
  • Reliable Efficient Cooling: Eco-friendly thermoelectric technology efficiently cools to 46-66°F (8-18°C) without any vibration or harmful CFCs to ensure your wine is kept at an optimal temperature 
  • The storage capacity is 8 bottles
  • The temperature can be adjusted from 8°C to 18°C (46°F to 66°F)
  • Removable wine racks to store different sizes of bottles.
  • Several complaints about storing large-size bottles.

4. Best 24 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler: Antarctic Star 24 Bottle Wine Cooler

Antarctic Star 24 Bottle Wine Cooler/Cabinet Beverage Refrigerator Small Mini Wine Cellar Beer Soda Clear Glass Door Counter Top Bar Fridge Quiet Operation Compressor Adjust Temperature Freestanding

The Antarctic Star 24-bottle wine cooler is a great convertible option if you want a countertop wine cooler that can hold an awe-inspiring amount of wine. Like the smaller 1.6 cubic foot model, this is an excellent cooler that can accommodate both bottles and cans. It is an efficient compressor model that can store as much chilled wine as a single individual could reasonably require at once. 

The door is made of transparent glass, allowing you to view the wine inventory without having to open the door. The cooler’s white trim is an exciting detail that makes it stand out in home bars and kitchens. 

Key Features 
  • Holds 24 standard 750ml bottles, big capacity. 
  • Stainless steel door frame, total texture, elegant appearance. 
  • More convenient use of stainless steel door handle. 
  • The perfect wine chiller with adjustable temperature range of 41º – 64ºF (5º – 18ºC) 
  • Quiet, vibration-free operation will not disturb sediment. 
  • High capacity
  • Sleek appearance
  • Energy-efficient
  • Wide temperature range
  • May vibrate
  • Large - 29 inches tall
  • No Celsius/Fahrenheit switch

5. Best Slim Wine Cooler: Nutrichef 15 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler

12 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator – White Red Wine Fridge Chiller Countertop Wine Cooler – Freestanding Compact Mini Wine Fridge 12 Bottle w/Digital Control, Stainless Steel Door – NutriChef PKCWC12

This NutriChef wine cooler is an excellent choice for those who wish to store a wine collection on the kitchen counter. This compact wine chiller has a generous capacity of 15 bottles. There are four removable and reorganizable wine racks contained within the cabinet. These chrome wine racks are also contoured for safe storage of your most prized reds and whites, while the standing shelf at the bottom provides an easy way to display your collection’s finest vintages. This refrigerator’s temperature range of 41 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit is adequate for storing and maturing a wide variety of reds and whites. 

Digital soft-touch controls are located on the exterior of the refrigerator, allowing for speedy temperature adjustments. Your desired temperatures are displayed on the LCD’s luminous readouts. As the soft-touch controls are located on the exterior of the refrigerator, you will not need to constantly open the door to gain access to them, allowing you to maintain internal temperatures to ensure that your wine is kept in optimal conditions. Included is an interior LED light, allowing you to see precisely what you have always stored, even in the dark. 

Key Features 
  • 5 Bottle Capacity 
  • Wine Chilling Refrigerator Cooler 
  • Compact Freestanding Wine Cellar Style 
  • Button-Activated Child Safety Auto-Lock Function 
  • Built-in Circulation Fan & Ventilation Grill 
  • Free-Standing Design for Floor, Table or Countertop Placement 
  • Ultra-quiet Operation 
  • Slim - 10 inches wide.
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Clean stainless steel finish
  • May vibrate
  • Tall - 31 inches high
  • Single-zone cooler

6. Wine Enthusiast 6-Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler

Wine Enthusiast 6-Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler

This Wine Enthusiast 6 Bottle Wine Cooler review will come in handy if your interior space is minimal but you still want to entertain wine enthusiasts. This compact, lightweight, and very portable (and inexpensive) wine cooler is an excellent option for you or a gift for a wine-loving friend or family member. If you have limited space for a wine cooler or if you are looking for a portable wine cooler, continue reading. 

This six-bottle wine cooler was designed with convenience in mind in terms of optimal wine storage, display, and protection. This is not only an efficient wine cooler with an entry-level capacity, but it will also enhance any countertop you decide to place it on. The reflective surface of the door’s smoked glass is a sight to behold, and the cooler’s stainless-steel trim and chrome shelves complete its elegant appearance. 

An LED-based interior light provides excellent visibility of your bottles’ labels, while the digital touch-screen control/display unit makes it simple to monitor and adjust the internal temperature. 

This inexpensive cooler has a one-year limited warranty and is not intended for under-counter or built-in use. It is a countertop counter in every way and is also very portable. 

Our team of wine enthusiasts evaluated the Wine Enthusiast 6 Bottle Wine Cooler by considering its design, construction, size, and weight. The most important thing we learned from testing this cooler was that it fit well in virtually every suitable location we could imagine. It is best displayed in an open entertainment area when you have wine-loving friends over, but you can also place it in your garage or den if you want to store your wines at their optimal storage temperatures. If space is at a premium, you will find this highly adaptable countertop cooler the ideal gift for wine enthusiasts. 

Key Features 
  • Holds and protects 6 Bordeaux bottles with state-of-the-art cooling technology 
  • Compact size and counter-top height is perfect for small spaces 
  • Digital touchscreen and LED temperature display provides easy access to control the storage temperature for your wine collection 
  • Dimensions: 14-7/8”H x 9-3/4” W x 19-7/8” D 
  • FREESTANDING USE ONLY – Allow at least 2 inches of space on both sides and 4 inches on the back and top for proper air circulation and cooling performance. Built-in/undercounter application is highly discouraged. 
  • Standard Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor 
  • Compact
  • Interior light
  • LED display
  • Interior light isn't as nice as some others
  • Interior isn't customizable

7. Best Wine Cooler Cabinet: NewAir Compact 6 Bottle Built-in Countertop Wine Cooler

NewAir Compact Wine Cooler Refrigerator | 16 Bottle Capacity | Freestanding/Built-in Countertop Wine Cellar in Stainless Steel with UV Protected Glass Door NWC016SS00

The NewAir Freestanding 16-Bottle Wine Refrigerator is the best value for chilling wine. The quiet, powerful compressor keeps wine between 41 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit at the ideal temperature during the double-paned glass, and external thermostat control aid in efficient operation. This refrigerator has removable racks that allow for flexible storage of up to 16 standard bottles. The sleek design of stainless steel looks great in any homeroom. 

Everyone deserves to enjoy their wine to the fullest. With proper storage, wine’s complexities come to life, which is why NewAir created the baseline wine refrigerator. This single-zone refrigerator features a compressor to keep your collection at the ideal serving temperature. Enjoy your whites and reds to the fullest with a refrigerator that maintains a consistent internal temperature and has features that preserve wine’s flavor and aroma. 

Key Features 
  • 16 Bottle Capacity 
  • Perfect Wine Every Time 
  • Preserve Wine Flavor And Aroma 
  • Insulated Uv Protected Glass Door 
  • Versatile Adjustable Shelves 
  • 16-bottle capacity
  • 41-64°F temperature range
  • Maintains temperature long-term
  • Allows vertical storage
  • Energy-efficient soft LED lights
  • Makes noises during operation

8. Best Freestanding Design: NutriChef PKCWCDS185 Countertop Wine Cooler

The NutriChef 18 Bottle Compact Wine Cooler is the optimal choice for those needing a compact wine cooler to fit in a small, confined space. Red and white wines can be stored with ease and comfort. This compact wine cooler with a 50.9-liter capacity is ideal for most wine enthusiasts.  

The freestanding design of the NutriChef Compact Wine Cooler makes it suitable for placement on a table, countertop, or floor. The top section of the compact wine refrigerator has six metal wine racks with a chrome finish designed to accommodate both standing and lying bottles. Each rack can hold up to three bottles, for a total of 18 bottles.  

The spacious bottom shelf can accommodate an additional six bottles. With the compact wine cooler’s ventilation and circulation fan, you can rest assured that your wine bottles will be preserved for years. This wine cooler also features adjustable temperature control, allowing you to store red and white wines in your home at the ideal temperature range. 

Key Features 
  • 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator 
  • Wine Chilling Refrigerator Cooler 
  • Adjustable Temperature 
  • Compact Freestanding Wine Cellar Style 
  • Button-Activated Child Safety Auto-Lock Function 
  • Built-in Circulation Fan & Ventilation Grill 
  • Free-Standing Design for Floor, Table or Countertop Placement 
  • Touch Screen Controls 
  • Sleek, modern design: This compact wine cooler is sure to look great in any home.
  • Conveniently compact: You can easily place it anywhere you want.
  • Adjustable temperature settings: You can enjoy your red wines at their ideal temperature.
  • Loud and Almost Always Running

9. Antarctic Star 1.6cu.ft Wine Cooler

The Antarctic Star SINAS46 is designed to cool wine bottles but works well for soda, beer, energy drinks, etc. The manufacturer claims 18 standard-sized 750-milliliter wine bottles can be stored, but only 10 can be held. You decide if that’s enough, but you can fit plenty of other beverages with a storage capacity of 1.6 cubic feet. 

The Antarctic Star SINAS46 beverage refrigerator effectively maintains a temperature range of 40 to 61 degrees Fahrenheit for your beverages. It is a compressor refrigerator, which is advantageous and uncommon in this price range. 

The Antarctic Star SINAS46 is only intended for use as a freestanding unit and requires 2″ of clearance on all sides. Antarctic Star SINAS46 is a reasonably priced yet surprisingly well-made wine cooler. It is also extremely sleek and aesthetically pleasing. 

Shelving is comprised of stainless steel. The dual-pane glass door of the Antarctic Star SINAS46 beverage refrigerator protects wine from UV rays and maintains a constant temperature within the compartment. 

Built-in soft blue LED lighting illuminates the chamber in a beautiful and safe way for the wine. The control panel is as simple as it gets. Only one switch (to turn the machine on/off) and a dial to adjust the temperature. The Antarctic Star SINAS46 is an excellent wine cooler/beverage refrigerator for the price. It’s not high-end enough for wine connoisseurs, but they don’t look at inexpensive wine coolers. 

Key Features 
  • 1.6cu.ft Wine Cooler 
  • No Noise 
  • Adjustable Temperature 
  • Dual-Pane Glass Door 
  • Stainless steel Shelves 
  • Soft LED Light 
  • Efficient Cooling System 
  • Offers a compact storage
  • Adjustable thermostat and control knob
  • Designed with soft LED light for night hours
  • Airtight seal for better insulation
  • Elegant body design
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Doesn’t have multiple storage racks


Wine refrigerators are ideal for storing wine for an extended period and aging fine wine properly. If you intend to consume a bottle or two immediately after purchase, keeping them in a standard kitchen refrigerator or room temperature should suffice.

After positioning your wine cooler in the proper location, wait 24-48 hours (Eurocave always 48 hours) before powering on the cabinet.

For the time being, it is best to keep your cooler set between 45° and 65° F. Ascertain that there will be no significant temperature swings. This may cause the wine to burst and force the cork out.

A wine cooler’s average lifespan is between 10 and 15 years. While every brand guarantees a high-performance appliance that will last for years, the device is subject to your unique habits once installed in your home.

A wine cooler’s average lifespan is between 10 and 15 years. While every brand guarantees a high-performance appliance that will last for years, the device is subject to your unique habits once installed in your home.

Integrated wine coolers, also known as built-in wine coolers, can fit into cabinets or under your worktop counters. This style can be very discreet and finish the look of your kitchen. This model is good if you don’t have the space for a freestanding wine cooler or you have an empty gap that you want to fill.

A wine cooler is set to a higher temperature range than a refrigerator or beverage cooler because wine should not be stored as cold as other beverages. On average a wine cooler will not offer temperatures below 46°F degrees.

The temperature range is what differentiates a wine cooler refrigerator from a standard refrigerator. Wine should be chilled between 45°F to 65°F. Most wine coolers do not provide temperatures below 46°F. A refrigerator’s temperature range is 35°F to 42°F, which is considered too cold for wine.


The wine cooler market has exploded in recent years, introducing new designs regularly. What was once a simple square box that held a single bottle has evolved into various options, including refrigerators, under-counter models, and double door cabinets with glass doors?  

Choosing a countertop wine cooler is about more than maintaining an appropriate temperature for your favorite beverage; it’s also about complementing the style and ambiance of your kitchen or living room. 

There are numerous options and styles to choose from when it comes to countertop wine coolers. We hope this article has shed some light on which features may best suit your requirements. 

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