The Best Flat Top Grill For Your Home

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Do you love cooking food on the grill, but do not have the space or time for a traditional backyard grill? If so, you may want to consider investing in a flat top grill.  

Flat top grills are perfect for small spaces and can be used as either a primary or secondary cooking source. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of flat top grills available and provide a buyer’s guide to help you choose the best one for your needs. Let us get started! 

Best Flat Top grills On The Market 

If you are in the market for a flat top grill, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will introduce you to some of the best flat top grills on the market and help you decide which one is best for you. 

Whether you are looking for a gas or charcoal grill, we have you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to find out more! 

What is Flat Top Grill? 

Flat top grills are flat, compact cooking surfaces that usually come with a set of adjustable burners on the side. These appliances are often used to cook foods like meat, fish, vegetables, and various kinds of sandwiches. You can also toast bread or bake cakes or pizzas on these grills! 

The creation of this appliance led to significant changes in cooking cultures all over the world. Flat top grills became common tools for short-order cooks, and they continue to be extremely popular even in modern times. 

Benefits Of Having A Flat Top Grill In Your House   

Grills are a wonderful way to show off your cooking chops as a chef. However, they can also take up space and be very expensive.  

If you are looking for an effective way to show off your skills but do not want the hassle of maintaining a regular grill, investing in a flat top grill may be perfect for you. Flat top grills can be used for a variety of cooking tasks, which makes them great investments. 


For one, flat top grills are very versatile. They can cook many different foods at many different levels of heat. For example, if you want to make something like steak, you will start it on high heat to sear the meat.  

Then, you could turn the heat down to medium-high to continue cooking it. Other foods might require different temperatures for different parts of the cooking process.  

With a flat top grill, this will not pose a problem since you can change it with just a simple flip of a switch. 

A major advantage is that you can use it as an alternative to other equipment such as ovens and stovetops. For example, some people like to broil steaks or corn in their flat top grills. Other people like to bake cakes and cookies on this appliance! 


A big benefit of flat top grills is that they are very affordable. They might be more expensive than the standard portable grill, but they are much cheaper than installing a full-sized kitchen grill into your house. They also take up little space, so you can easily store them when they are not in use. 

Easy to clean and maintain 

Flat top grills are also extremely easy to clean and maintain. If you have ever had to clean a traditional grill, you will know that they can be quite a hassle.  

Some models have removable parts that you can simply wash in your dishwasher or put under running water. This keeps the bacteria down and allows you to make food in less time. 

Other models have surfaces with sloped angles that allow liquids to flow into the drip tray. 


Furthermore, flat-top grills are mobile, and you can quickly move them around in your kitchen or even outside during the summer.   

Some models even come with wheels! This is a big advantage if you want to cook outdoors but do not have an open fire pit or barbecue grill. 

Top 5 Things To Look For When Buying A Flat Top Grill  

Whenever you are looking to buy a new grill, whether it is your first one or five, or even if it is just the one that fixes your field of cooking needs.  

You should look at several things when buying any grill, but in this article, I will be focusing on Flat Top Grills and what you should look for when purchasing one. 


Like with every purchase you make, your budget will be a considerable part of the process. Before even considering looking at any flat-top grills, you should sit down and figure out exactly how much money you can afford to spend on this item.  

While some flat-top grills can be found under $50 for smaller portable models, there are also ones that will cost you more than $1,000. 

It all depends on what you plan to use it for and how much money you must spend. 


Once you figure out your budget, the next thing to look at is the grill’s design. A common misconception with most people is that a larger flat top grill will be better than a smaller one, but it all comes down to what you prefer. 

A bigger flat top grill allows for more cooking space and a more even heating surface, fixed with larger wheels, makes the unit itself easier to move around. 

However, a bigger grill also means it will take up more space and cost you more money. The size of your flat top grill should depend highly on the area you plan to use it in and how much room you have for storage. 

Type of Grills  

There are many different types of grills out there, and each one has its pros and cons. From a stainless steel flat top grill to a propane or charcoal model, the best thing you can do is do different research types of grills to make sure you get one that allows for what you need. 

You may want a stainless-steel grill because they are straightforward to clean and maintain, while someone else may wish to a propane or charcoal grill because it allows them to cook outside at night without disturbing anyone else. 

The type of flat-top grill you buy should depend on your cooking style and what you plan to use the grill for. 

Cooking Surface 

The cooking surface is one of the essential parts of any flat top grill. Depending on what you plan to use the grill for, the cooking surface it provides should be at least three times bigger than your largest cooking utensil. 

Many people think that a flat top grill is only suitable for things like paninis or crepes, but they are also great for frying eggs and other breakfast food and grilling steaks and various kinds of lunch food. 


The size of your flat top grill should be relative to the amount of cooking you plan to do as well as how many people will be eating what you cook. Having a big enough grill for five servings is overkill if you live alone, but if you have a family, you may want to consider getting something more considerable. 

FAQs About Flat Top Grill

A flat top grill as the name suggests is a cooking appliance with a flat or slightly concave surface. This surface is heated to extremely high temperatures, and oil is added to facilitate the cooking process.  

The heat transfer from this cooking surface to food can be up to 3 times faster than that of a traditional grill. Flat top grills can be a variety of shapes and sizes, with some being portable while others are stationary in design. 

There are hundreds of brands available today that can provide you with many different types of appliances offered on the market which prove to be a fantastic addition to your home. One such type of appliance is the flat top grill which provides you with rapid and high heat cooking that will help you prepare your food quickly and efficiently without spending too much time in the kitchen. 

Once you have received your new flat top grill, try creating a cooking area near it. You should not be using your stove for other purposes anymore since the griddle will be the only method of cooking that you are going to need.  

Try placing it near a clean wall where you can place your ingredients and utensils. You should also try placing it near outlets so that you can plug in your appliances for convenience. 

Making chicken using the flat top grill is extremely easy. You can use it for boneless or bone-in pieces of your chicken. 

For easy cleaning we recommend using a “scraper” made from metal. Simply scrape off the charred bits that are left on your cooking surface and then wipe down the surface with a wet cloth. Do not use any soap or detergents because it might leave watermarks (and you don’t want to eat soap). 

Cleaning is usually done after every use to ensure that food particles will not become stuck on the grates of your food and cause your grill to wear out faster. 

While cooking any type of meat on your flat top grill, try making sure that the juices are allowed to drip below so it can be reabsorbed into the meat. This will ensure that your steak is tender and juicy while maintaining a delicious and succulent taste. 

In general, any food that you would normally cook in a frying pan or broiling pan can be cooked on a flat top grill. Try not to put too much liquid into the food you are cooking because the excess liquid will drip down through the grates and pool at the bottom of your stove top grill, which is hard to clean. If your recipe calls for water or broth, try using a small amount instead. 

Steaks, burgers, chicken breasts, fish fillets, pork chops and lamb chops are all great foods to grill on a flat top grill. You can cook vegetables in tin foil packets or in small pans made of aluminum foil. These work great because they hold the food together, so it is easier to turn over when cooking is complete. 

That will depend on your personal tastes. If you are looking for the best quality, of course you will want to cook with the highest quality meat possible.  

However, this does not necessarily mean that it will taste better than cheap cuts cooked at home. The most important factor is how you season the meat before cooking it and what sauces (if any) you add after the meat is cooked. 

f you are looking for a good, basic way to season your meats then we suggest the following:  

  • RUB SEASONING: Garlic powder and black pepper. 
  • SEAWEED POWDER AND SOY SAUCE: Seaweed powder and soy sauce.  
  • FLAVORED CANDY POWER AND SOY SAUCE: Ground ginger, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, sesame seed oil. 

Well, that depends on what type of meat you are cooking. For instance, fish cooks very quickly and usually only take a few minutes to cook. Steaks will vary depending on the thickness and how you prefer your meat cooked. 

When you are done cooking, always let your flat top grill cool down before storing it. To protect from dust and insects, we recommend covering the surface with a clean cloth while it is cooling down.  

After two to three hours, soak a dry cloth in water and wipe off any dust or other particles that may have formed on your griddle.  

Once it has cooled down, store your griddle in a dry place where water cannot get to it.  


To conclude, the best flat top grill for your home is one that you will enjoy using. You should also consider how much cooking space it provides and whether it has features that are helpful to you in preparing food quickly.  

We hope this article helped you find the best flat top grill for your home. If not, we would be happy to help! Contact us today and let’s get started on designing a plan that will work for your lifestyle. Let’s make grilling season all year round! 

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