A Detailed Review Of The Best Smokeless Indoor Grill For Perfectly Grilled Meals

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Grilling has always been a popular way to cook food. There is something about the taste and texture of grilled food that just cannot be beaten. However, grilling outdoors can be a pain when it is hot outside in the summertime. Not to mention, it can be dangerous if you are not careful.  

That is where smokeless indoor grills come in handy! These grills allow you to cook your food indoors without all the smoke and heat. So, if you are looking for a convenient and safe way to grill, read on for our review of the best smokeless indoor grills on the market today. 

Best Smokeless Indoor Grill Comparison Chart 

Here is a brief review of my top picks for the best smokeless indoor grill. I have listed them from number one on the list to number four. It all depends on how much you want to spend and your cooking preferences. 

What is a smokeless indoor grill? 

A smokeless indoor grill provides the same grill surface with outdoor charcoal or propane-fueled barbecue to give food that authentic grilled taste.  

The main difference between an indoor and outdoor grill is that the former lacks fuel sources.  

On many models of indoor grills, the cooking surface can be adjusted to suit different types of food and increase or decrease the grilling temperature.  

Smokeless indoor grills heat up and cool down very quickly, and they also do not give off any odor like many charcoal barbecues tend to. 

How do smokeless indoor grills work? 

Just like outdoor grills, indoor gas grills cook food by using the heat of a gas flame. The flame heats up the metal surface, which in turn cooks your food evenly and thoroughly. Because there is no charcoal or wood involved, smoke is also not an issue with this type of grill. 

The Ultimate Guide before buying a Smokeless Indoor Grill 

t’s not always easy to find out what is the best grill for your own needs, and you may end up buying a grill that will turn out to be too small or too big. You can save a lot of time and effort by asking the right questions before you buy a smokeless indoor grill. Not all grills are created equal, so it’s important to take your time and evaluate your options before spending money. 

When you buy a smokeless indoor grill, there are certain factors that should be taken into consideration before settling on a final model to purchase. Some of the most important ones will be discussed below. 


The first thing you need to take into consideration is the size of the grill that you need. You should always decide on a size that will best suit your needs, and there are different sizes available depending on what you want to use it for. 


Another thing to consider when buying an indoor smokeless grill is taste. No matter how much you try to cook with the least amount of fat possible, some will be released during cooking. This can have a negative impact on taste, so it’s best to look at models that offer oil drip pans or similar features. You also want to consider whether you will be able to clean your grill efficiently and without wasting too much time 

Cooking Type  

When you are buying a grill, keep in mind if you want to use it for smoking, grilling or both. You should also determine beforehand if you are looking for an indoor or outdoor grill that will be used mainly on the patio of your home. Keep in mind that some features can’t be transferred from one cooking type to the other, so you want to determine which type is best for your needs. 


Another thing that’s equally as important as anything else is durability. Since living in an apartment, I was interested in buying only the best smokeless indoor grill on the market. After reading many reviews and ratings, I decided to go with the Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler Deluxe. To this day it’s still one of the best purchases I have ever made, and you can check out my full review here. 


Finally, is price because you will always want to keep an eye on what your budget is like. If you are only on a certain budget, make sure to look for a model that best suits your needs without going over. 

These factors should help you buy the best grill on the market and keep all your expectations met while not having to spend too much money to get it. Just remember these few important points and they will help you to find the best smokeless indoor grill. 


Smoke is just water vapor that contains particles of carbon and other burnt stuff from the food you’re cooking. It evaporates and turns into gas which rises and drifts away, taking some heat with it. Because heat comes out of your smokeless indoor grill as a gas, the food cooks faster and hotter. 

A smokeless indoor grill lets you have grilled food without getting smoked out. You can also get more char on your meat instead of just the usual grilling marks.  

The downside is that it’s quite expensive, and not portable since they’re usually bulky. As for being healthy, there’s no real evidence either way. 

Smokeless indoor grills are not necessarily healthier than their outdoor counterparts. This depends largely on two factors:  

  1. where you set up your grill;
  2. The general hygiene of your food.  

If you plan on using your indoor grill indoors, or if you have non-porous cookware, then having an electric smokeless grill might be a good option for you.  

However, if grilling outdoors is important to you because it allows for fresher air quality and better ventilation in your home, then an outdoor propane grill is the better option. 

Indoor gas grills are not significantly more expensive than electric or charcoal grills, though you will have to pay for the cost of hooking up a natural gas line prior to cooking your first meal on your new grill.  

After this initial setup fee, most people find they save money on propane compared to charcoal or electricity, which is the primary reason people convert their grills. 

There are many different types of grills on the market today, including electric smokeless grills, propane-fueled indoor grills, charcoal outdoor grills, and more. However, by far the most popular type of grill is the propane-fueled model made for both indoor and outdoor use. 

There are two main types of indoor grills: those that plug into a wall and those that run on propane or natural gas. Indoor electric grills are cooked via an electrical heating element, producing no smoke and using little power.  

Many of them are very small and can be easily stored away, which is convenient for those who live in an apartment or other smaller space. Some of the most common types of electric indoor grills include sandwich presses, panini pressers, waffle makers, and toasters. 

On the other hand, there are many different types of propane-fueled indoor grills. Like outdoor propane-fueled grills, they come in many different sizes and with different features.  

The biggest advantage of a propane grill is that it does not need to be plugged into an electrical outlet, which makes it ideal for people who want to set up their grill outdoors, such as on a patio or deck. 

Smoke point is the temperature at which a fat starts to break down and produces acrid fumes and harsh flavors. Because heat transfers from your smokeless indoor grill as a gas, you need to cook with fats that have high smoke points, so it won’t burn or vaporize. That means you need to stay away from butter, canola oil (which has a smoke point of about 350°F), and extra virgin olive oil (about 410°F) – they’re fine for salad dressings though. 

When you use butter, lard or vegetable shortening on your smokeless indoor grill, make sure it is melted and kept warm, so it can’t burn when you start cooking. This way, the smoking point won’t be a problem – if butter starts to smell like something’s burning, it means it has already burned and its smoke point is no longer an issue. 

The best way to choose a grill is to think about how often you will use it and what types of foods you like to cook. If you plan on using your grill frequently and/or cooking different types of food, it may be worth investing in a larger or more versatile grill. For those who only plan on using their grill a few times each month, an electric indoor grill may be the simpler and more affordable option. 

Yes! Just make sure you put it on a plate, or an oven-proof pan so the dripping won’t make a mess in your smokeless indoor grill. 

Every smokeless indoor grill has different designs when it comes to lighting them up, but in most cases, they have a knob that controls the gas flow. 

On our smokeless indoor grill, there’s a knob to control the gas flow, and another one to light it up. The first time we used it, we had some problems lighting up because we didn’t know which knob was for that. Also: always keep your lighter/matches away from the grill or else you’ll never be able to light it again. 

Since heat transfers from your smokeless indoor grill as a gas, the only way for you to control the temperature is by turning down or turning off the gas. You can also adjust how close your food gets to the heat source if your smokeless indoor grill has adjustable cooking grates.

Yes, you can use aluminum foil but only to catch drippings. Avoid cooking food in it because it’s not designed for these kinds of direct high heat applications where the high temperatures might cause toxic fumes. 

Leftovers should be stored right away in the refrigerator, and only reheated once. If you want to store it for many hours though, place it on an oven-proof plate so moisture won’t form immediately inside your smokeless indoor grill with harmful bacteria growth. 

We’re not nutritionists, so we can’t give you any medical advice. We just know that high heat doesn’t leave oil behind as it vaporizes, and at the temperatures that your smokeless indoor grill operates at, you’ll never get any carcinogenic fumes since heat transfers as a gas. 

If you’re using your smokeless indoor grill outside, make sure there’s enough distance between the grill and the house (at least 7 feet), and that you place it at least 5 feet away from anything that might catch fire. Make sure you also crack a window to make sure there’s proper ventilation if your smokeless indoor grill has a large cooking surface and you plan on using it for more than an hour or two. 

With all due respect, we do not think that’s such a good idea. The cold and the snow will affect your smokeless indoor grill’s performance, since electricity doesn’t work as well with low temperatures and may cause malfunctions. 

This varies per model and how often you use it, but most folks place their smokeless indoor grills on the countertop when they want to use them and allow for a couple of minutes to warm up before cooking. 

No, if your smokeless indoor grill is working properly and not plugged into an outlet that’s too close by. Your smokeless indoor grill should be at least 7 feet away from any electricity source. 

Most people clean their smokeless indoor grills by scraping off food particles and scrubbing them with a brush, but since the grates are not removable, this is tough to do all by yourself. That’s why there are special cleansers made for smokeless indoor grills that can cut through grease and grime easily, plus they don’t leave harsh chemicals in the pores of the metal that your food will be touching. 

If you want lots of smoke flavor (there’s that word again) when cooking indoors, try these two recipes: 

  • When browning, cook over high heat so it will create smoke. 
  • Douse your food in liquid smoke. Just mix some water and liquid smoke in a spray bottle and spritz your meat before putting it on the grill. 

This varies, so please refer to your user manual for all the details. Basically, most warranties degrade over time depending on how often you use your smokeless indoor grill and other factors that might impact functionality or appearance. 


In the end, we hope that this article has helped you figure out which grill is best for your needs. Whether you are a professional chef or just cooking for yourself and your family, plenty of options are available to suit every need.  

It might be worth reading over our list again before deciding, as it can help make sure you do not miss anything important to consider! 

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