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Aromatic taste, authentic feeling of nostalgia, occasional use, less expensive – if you’ve considered these factors in a grill, then, you’ve probably considered buying a charcoal grill.

Buying a charcoal grill is for those who believe that charcoal grilling gives food a woody and smoky flavor. Furthermore, for occasional (during weekends and summer) outdoor cooking and grilling, many choose to buy charcoal grills. For price-conscious and practical buyers, a charcoal grill can fit their budget. At home, a portable charcoal grill is also a space-saver and easy to carry.  Likewise, for those who love campfires with friends and family, and enjoy laughing and eating, a charcoal grill is a perfect choice.

The kind of cooking you do should also be taken into consideration when you buy a charcoal grill. So buyers are advised to have a good idea of what kind of charcoal grill they’d like to buy, the one that easily grills or the one that slow cooks your food.

There are different kinds of charcoal grills on the market. They differ in sizes, features and prices. To mention a few, hibachi (portable table top grill), Weber kettle grill, big green egg, charcoal cart grill, ceramic cookers charcoal grill, barrel grill, braziers, etc.
Weber kettle grill and hibachi are the best selling charcoal grills. The Weber kettle grill is designed for efficient heating and convenient cleaning. It is composed of a lid, cooking grid, charcoal grid, heat control and legs. The body that holds the charcoal is shaped like a kettle. It features a cleaning system in which ashes are directed into an easily removable tray for easy clean-up.  It has become the most reliable design.  Thus, it makes the best budget charcoal grill and most user-friendly.

Hibachi is also inexpensive. It has sheet steel, a charcoal pan, and cooking grids.  It has system control for heat. It is good choice for some because it does not occupy a large amount of space.

Another, popular choice is the Big Green Egg. This kind of charcoal grill is perfect for grilling and smoking.  This grill is a lot more expensive, but it’s worth the price because you can control the heat and temperature of your cooking. Its ceramic body can cook at a high or low heat for a longer time with very little charcoal.

There are also charcoal grills that offer excellent cooking versatility and have added extra features like a hinged grate, temperature gauge, charcoal dividers, ash catcher, utensil holders and a warming rack. Some use a special lump of charcoal that gives foods a flavor-enhanced smoky taste.

Despite its many advantages, you have to be ready for the minor disadvantages when buying a charcoal grill. Both grilling and the fire require constant attention. The fire can become dangerous if the winds blow. From time to time you have to check the burning coals. And finally, you have to be economical with the use of charcoal.

After you’re finished cooking, you can put the fire out and allow the coals to cool. The coals can be used on your next grilling session. If you do not know how to conserve the use of your charcoal, in the end you will discover you have not really saved from buying a cheaper unit.  You will realize that you consumed more money in buying charcoal than in the charcoal grill itself.

Whatever reasons you have for buying your own charcoal grill, whether it’s because of its affordability or practicality, you definitely have think it over before jumping into such decision.

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