How to tell how much gas is left for your gas grill

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Ever been in the situation that you don’t know if there is enough gas in your propane tank to finish your day of grilling?

One of the guesses we have is to find out if we have enough gas in our tank to finish our grilling
This video shows how to guesstimate the amount of gas left in your tank.
No exact science but pretty handy.
Just wonder why you have to take the whole tank out first. If you can do it while still hooked up its easier.

Even though this is a nifty little trick of course it is just a rough indication.
If you want to be more accurate it is better to install a propane or gas tank gauge.

Here are two of the most used types. Click on the image to find out how cheap they are. For a few dollars you never guess anymore if you can make it through the weekend with your propane gas tank.

Sometimes gas-regulators kick into safety mode and will reduce the gas flow. If that ever happens there is no reason to buy a new gas regulator. There is a way to reset your gas regulator on this page you can read how easy it is.

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