How to Store Coffee Beans

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Fresh coffee beans make the best (and healthiest) coffee. However, fresh beans have been puzzling coffee lovers for centuries with one question. “How to store coffee beans?” There are several different methods of storing coffee beans; most of them claim their way is the best. Ziplock bags, tins, in the freezer, in valve bags, or any other hundred ways you can store beans.

How Not To Store Your Coffee Beans  

Coffee beans should be kept safe from light, moisture, air, and heat. In other words, they should not be kept above the stove, where they will be exposed to humidity, airflow, and heat rising from the stove.

Air will quickly make your coffee beans stale; moisture will cause them to mold and mildew, and heat and light can cause two things. Germination of the beans and loss of flavor, since neither of these is anything you want for your beans, try keeping them in a cool dark place instead.

What Containers to Use 

Whether purchasing your coffee beans in small or large quantities, you must consider a few basic needs for your coffee bean containers. The containers should be airtight, easy to store, and should be either lightproof or stored in a dark place.

Good examples include airtight canisters or cans with sealed bags inside. However, you can also consider wrapping small portions of coffee beans in plastic wrap and storing them inside a giant plastic bag. Just make sure you put the sealed bags in a nice dark place while keeping them.

Ceramic jars with rubber seals are often considered the optimal storage place for coffee beans because they prevent moisture and light. In most cases, the ceramic will stay at an even temperature during kitchen temperature changes. This means you can quickly leave your coffee beans on the counter next to your coffee grinder.

How Long Can I Store Coffee Beans?

Coffee beans are best when fresh. While it is possible to store coffee beans for several months (mainly if you use the freezer), they will lose taste and nutrients as they grow older. Freezing coffee beans will also change the flavor, so it’s not recommended.

In most cases, it’s usually the best for your coffee if you purchase it in ½ -1 lb. portions and store it in one or two containers on your countertop. If you prefer to buy more coffee at once, you can freeze it, store it in sealed plastic and remember to use it within a few months. However, once frozen and thawed, you should either use your coffee beans or throw them away. They cannot be re-frozen.

Coffee has the absolute best flavor within one month of being roasted. Using your coffee within 1-2 weeks of purchase is the best method for preserving the flavor and aroma of your coffee beans.

Many ceramic and plastic jars are explicitly made to store coffee beans. These will vary in expense and size but are generally the best option for storing your coffee. If you are still concerned about the longevity of your coffee, try storing it in a resealable bag in the refrigerator.

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