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Blackstone 1554 Cooking 4 Burner Outdoor Griddle Station

Blackstone 1554 Cooking 4 Burner Outdoor Griddle Station combines all your required features like- adjustable height, wheels for easy movement, water tray for cleanliness, tool holders, and storage cabinets.

This Griddle Station is a must-have for all those people who love outdoor cooking as it saves time and effort required in setting up the grills, making them ready to use. 

  • 4 solid stainless steel burners
  • 720sq inches of flat top grilling
  • Built in grease catcher
  • 4 Adjustable heat zones
  • Electric push button igniter
  • 4 heavy duty castors
  • 2 cantilevered shelves
  • Folding legs
MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH62.5 x 22 x 36 inches
Item Weight120 Pounds
pros PROS
  • 4 controlling burners offer versatility in cooking
  • Durable stainless steel build
  • Equipped with electric push button igniter for an easy start
cons CONS
  • Regulator leakage issue


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Blackstone 1554 Outdoor Cooking Station features an attractive design that looks great in any backyard. It has curved lines to make it look sleek while giving you room to work on all sides of the grills. It also uses heavy-duty steel construction with an epoxy powder coat finish for durability and rust resistance.  

This griddle station is made from the finest quality steel and has a black powder-coated finish. It comes with a stainless-steel grease channel that helps drain away fat and grease into its grease tray attached below for easy disposal. Unlike other models, this ground station comes with four wheels making it easy for one person to move around anywhere needed.  

This Blackstone Griddle Station is pre-assembled, so you don’t have to worry about putting it together yourself. Assembly is straightforward as you need to attach two station legs with a few screws. It does not take more than 10-15 minutes if you assemble four stations at a time.  

Four industrial-strength caster wheels facilitate movement from one location to another. Lock the two locking casters to secure it once you’ve positioned it where you want it.  

It comes with a 1-year parts warranty from the manufacturer company, covering any factory defects or malfunctions that may arise due to faulty materials or craft during that period. In most cases, they will send you a replacement part that you can easily replace yourself as most features are accessible and very easy to install.  


This outdoor cooking station is attractive to the eyes and is perfect for people who love spending time outdoors. It has four burners and one griddle, so you can cook many things at the same time if desired.   

No mess, no fuss ignition. Electric push-button ignition ensures a quick start each time. This grill is versatile, with 60,000 BTUs of power output coming from its 4 stainless steel cast burners.  

Four adjustable heat zones create a versatile cooking surface on which you can cook multiple foods simultaneously without burning anything! Additionally, allowing certain foods to be kept warm while others cook.  

This grill is ideal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as it features 720 square inches of flat top grilling. Cook eggs, pancakes, quesadillas, grilled cheese, steak, potatoes, and foods prepared in the Teppanyaki style, among other things. Additionally, a bottom shelf and two side shelves are included for food storage and preparation.  

Seasoning is easy: brush or spray both sides of the cooking surface evenly with oil and place on the grill for at least 30 minutes while preheating (light coating of oil helps prevent rust).  


After cooking, use a clean, damp cloth to wipe down the griddle plates. Do not submerge in water; it will damage the heating element and void your warranty.   

You can also use aluminum foil or paper towels soaked with very hot water to remove spills, grease, and burnt-on debris. To keep your griddle looking like new, we recommend seasoning it before you first use it and every time you clean it.   

If there are stuck-on bits after cleaning, sprinkle them with coarse salt and scrub vigorously with a scouring pad (like the one included in your kit)  

Should you buy Blackstone 1554 Cooking 4 Burner Outdoor Griddle Station?  

This unit provides a great alternative to a traditional gas grill without taking up much space and an inexpensive price tag. It has a small footprint, but it offers all the features of a big backyard barbecue in a single cooking station!  

Blackstone’s 1554 Cooking 4 Burner Outdoor Griddle Station is the ideal outdoor grilling solution for people looking for a versatile cooking solution that can cook over an open flame, on a griddle or grill grate surface or even bake food with its heat-proof baking tray.  

To sum up this Blackstone 1554 Cooking 4 Burner Outdoor Griddle Station review we recommend you buy it only if you have a limited budget and want a simple solution to cook your food in summertime when all family members gather in the garden for dinner outside. 

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