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Oster Buffet Server Warming Tray

The Oster Buffet Server features a set of three separate 2-1/2-quart buffet warming trays, allowing you to serve up to three warm dishes. This buffet server is ideal for heating appetizers, dips, meat and vegetable dishes, desserts, etc.

It features a 20-by-13-inch heating surface, ideal for holidays and parties. A temperature-control knob makes it simple to set the ideal warming temperature, and an easily-observable power indicator light illuminates when the heating element is active. This food warmer tray has cool side handles to facilitate safe transport from the kitchen to the table.

The three dome-shaped lids included in the set trap heat and moisture, allowing you to keep your food at the desired temperature. The pans and lids are dishwasher-safe for convenient cleanup. The dimensions of the dome lid are 9.3 inches long by 6 inches wide by 1.4 inches tall.

  • Food warmer with 3 2.5 quart trays keeps hot dishes at the ideal temperature; perfect for parties and holidays; Each pan measures: 5.11 W x 8.58 L x 2.44 D inches
  • Electric chafing dish features large heating surface measuring 20 by 13 inches
  • Durable stainless steel housing, and domed transparent lids with handles trap warmth and moisture
  • Temperature knob lets you adjust level of heat from low to high
  • Safe to touch handles give you a firm grip and help prevent burns
pros PROS
  • Constructed by Stainless Steel                                    
  • Works as a standalone warming tray                                                                                                                 
  • Power indicator light and temperature control    
  • Friendly use and keeps food warm for hours. 
  • Easy carrying with cool-touch handles 
cons CONS
  • Lids made of plastic         
  • Buffet resistance pans made of aluminum, not stainless steel 


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Suppose you wish to purchase one of the most popular warming trays at a low cost and for an extended period. Therefore, we advise you to consider the Oster buffet server warming triple tray. 

Because the Oster Buffet Server allows you to serve up to three separate 2.5-quart buffet pans, food is always kept hot and ready to serve. The lucid, dome-shaped lids with easy-lift handles aid in retaining heat and moisture. 

The buffet server made of stainless-steel works well as a standalone warming tray. This tabletop food warmer quickly reaches the ideal temperature for warming food. In addition, an easily visible power indicator light illuminates when the heating element is active. 

Stainless steel construction with black stay-cool side handles. The pans and lids can be cleaned in the dishwasher for convenience. It is ideal for warming various appetizers, dips, meat and vegetable dishes, and desserts. Additionally, you will be able to double the amount of food you have prepared before the dinner or guests’ arrival. 


In addition to being a food warmer, the Oster Buffet Server food warmer is also an excellent hot plate. Additionally, this is the ideal electric warming tray. It is perfect for breakfast or making dinner, such as burgers, steak, chicken cutlets, or simply sautéing nutritious vegetables. 

We’ve used it for chicken wings, toasted ravioli, pizza rolls, meatballs, bacon-wrapped lil’ smokies, and other dishes. It worked flawlessly for these. There is no reason to believe it will not work for different items.

I filled it before the arrival of the guests, and it kept the food warm and required no maintenance throughout the party. It is essential to adhere to the instructions and fill the buffet server with hot food. If it is filled with cold food, it will take an eternity to heat up.

I placed my food in the buffet trays included with this buffet server, covered them with aluminum foil, and heated the food in the oven before placing the trays directly on the buffet server.


With removable wells and plastic lids, it is straightforward to clean. It is easier and safer to set up around pets and children and more aesthetically pleasing than simple water trays. Even though there are no open flames, extreme heat still necessitates extreme caution.

Should you buy Oster Buffet Server Warming Tray?

The exceptional design contributes to its popularity. It contains stainless steel materials so that they can be utilized for decades. Its size is ideal for small and medium-sized gatherings. Additionally, it is an energy-efficient warming tray so that you can select or purchase it for your kitchenware. 

We recommend the Oster buffet server warming triple tray if you want the most popular and least expensive tabletop food warmer. Because this can be used as a hot plate and a buffet server, the transparent domed lids will keep food hot and moist. 

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