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Ovente Electric Food Buffet Warmer

Want to enjoy oven-freshness for several hours? The Ovente Electric Warming Tray FW170S makes it simple because the heating element regulates temperature uniformly around the tray’s perimeter, providing the consistency required for daily use. 

You will always be able to serve your guests food with the same level of freshness, regardless of the hour, if you can heat it without depleting its natural juices. At Ovente, we make it a pleasure to serve your guests and loved ones fresh-from-the-oven meals so that you can enjoy the experience with them. 

  • Powered by a 200W heating element 
  • Compact 
  • Durable stainless steel 
  • Precise Heat Settings 
  • Indicator Light 
  • Cool Touch 
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Feet
pros PROS
  • Polished and stylish food warmer                   
  • Looks great on any table                                     
  • Energy Efficiency 
  • LED Light indicator and temperature control 
  • Extra save use with cool-touch handles 
cons CONS
  • Has no permanent lids and pans with this     
  • Only use for warming trays    


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The hot plate’s 21.5 x 9.62 x 1.75-inch stainless steel surface is an attractive addition to any kitchen, countertop, or buffet. Save valuable kitchen space by reheating food while preparing other dishes. 

This stainless-steel buffet server maintains the food’s freshness and stores ample food for all your selections. Because the 21.59.621.75-inch space allows you to do so comfortably, it’s not just for special occasions but also for the significant everyday moments you share with your loved ones. 

The Ovente FW170S is designed for heavy daily use. The stainless steel is dependable and long-lasting, allowing you to move through your day quickly. This tray is designed to withstand the weight of cantaloupe steak and pounds of lettuce, allowing you to load it with ease. Adjust the temperature settings to your liking. You can easily adjust the temperature control knobs to the appropriate temperature for a specific dish. 


This tray is perfect for keeping food warm for several hours. It can accommodate two large baking pans or several smaller ones. It is also lightweight, making it transportable. This tray is ideal for entertaining because its controls are straightforward to clean.

These heating plates are extraordinary, superior to sterno sets. Be sure to stir food and mix from the bottom up as they become hot. I liked that they could be adjusted to a warm setting. They were used for a self-service “buffet line” birthday dinner..we were not disappointed!

The metal surface became unbearably hot to the touch within a minute or two, indicating that it heats up quickly. After 10 minutes, the plate’s temperature on the right was between 205-207 degrees Fahrenheit, just below the boiling point.

The plate’s temperature on the left was precisely 180 degrees Fahrenheit, so while the heating is not perfectly uniform, I find it acceptable. Keep in mind that the plates may be too hot to handle without using potholders at these temperatures if you intend to remove them!

It has a good temperature range, functions well, do its job without any unnecessary frills or controls, the build quality appears to be good, and the design is good.


This tray, which is large enough to accommodate two large or several small baking pans, is ideal for keeping food warm for several hours. It is also portable, has simple controls, and is simple to clean, making it the perfect tool for entertaining.

Should you buy Ovente Electric Food Buffet Warmer?

This tabletop food warmer is ideal for keeping food warm for extended periods. It is large enough to accommodate two large baking pans or multiple smaller ones. It is a food warmer with a controlled temperature.

It turns off automatically when the desired temperature is reached. Excellent, simple to use, and precisely warms food without worrying that your guests’ dishes will become cold. Good size.

It does not consume excessive space. Easy to store, as well! Therefore, I believe you will be satisfied if you acquire this Food warmer.


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