The Distinction Between Grill and Griddle

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Grills and griddles are available in various interior configurations, which is fortunate for barbecue enthusiasts and those who would prefer not to visit a diner for a fresh batch of pancakes and bacon. 

Griddles and stovetop or countertop grills are commonly mistaken for one another, although they are two distinct cooking surfaces for different sorts of cooking. 

Features and Uses of a Grill 

A grill’s noticeably elevated ridges impart “grill markings” to the cooked food. Like outdoor grills, indoor grills are ideal for cooking hamburgers, steaks, chops, sandwiches, and many types of vegetables. Additionally, the grill ridges separate cooked food from its grease, reducing the overall fat level of the food. In addition, most grills have a recess that gathers fat while cooking. 

Features and Uses of a Griddle 

The flat and smooth surface of a griddle makes it ideal for frying breakfast meals such as bacon, sausages, pancakes, home fries, french toast, and eggs. A griddle can also be used to prepare grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, and anything else that would typically be cooked in a skillet. Most electric and stovetop griddles are rectangular, providing more excellent cooking space than a standard round pan. 

Grill and Griddle Appliances 

Electric grills and griddles are countertop appliances that can be utilized in any kitchen area. There are several varieties of these gadgets. 

For instance, an essential electric griddle is simply a large, open griddle surface that is ideal for concurrently cooking huge quantities of pancakes or grilled cheese sandwiches. However, a reversible grill/griddle features both cooking surfaces. A contact grill/griddle, also known as a panini press, has top and bottom grill or griddle surfaces for simultaneously cooking food on both sides. 

Typically, a small contact grill/griddle is intended for cooking one or two sandwiches (or other press-style items). Large contact grills/griddles can cook press-style or fold flat to provide two cooking surfaces with their faces up. In addition, these typically have reversible plates for grilling and griddling, and some even include waffle-making plates. 

Comparing the Grill with the Griddle 

Choose a cooking surface or appliance based on the space available in your kitchen and the type of cooking you do most often. For instance, a stovetop grill or griddle can be readily retrieved from a drawer or tall cabinet anytime a large surface is required (like when cooking for a large and hungry group). 

A convertible grill/griddle may be the most versatile and efficient option if you cannot decide between purchasing a grill and a griddle. It is equipped with a grill surface on one side and a griddle surface on the other. Those designed for stovetops are often available in cast iron and nonstick varieties. 

On the other hand, if you require the cooking space of a stovetop grill/griddle but don’t want to tie up the stovetop for large meals, an electric grill/griddle is the most practical option. In addition, simplified versions are sufficiently portable for storing. 

A small contact grill/griddle is ideal when cooking for one or two individuals. These can remain on the counter but are tiny enough to be stored in a cupboard or drawer. A huge contact grill/griddle offers the most adaptability, but it is a bulky countertop item that will usually remain stationary. 

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