What is a Kamado grill?

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What is a kamado? What can you do with it, and why is this ceramic grill much better than a standard grill? Kamado added a new dimension to the classic grill.

A kamado is not an ordinary grill. Its resistance is partly due to the combination of oval shape and the ability to regulate airflow. Kamado ceramics also have the advantage of the material, which insulates and reflects heat.

You must close the lid during cooking. This must be done after each action and after each cooking technique. As soon as the lid is closed, the kamado shape creates a stream of warm air. Because only part of the air can escape, heat circulates around the ingredient or vessel, as in the case of a convection oven on coal.

The unmatched flavor is added to ingredients and dishes. It cooks them evenly and keeps them nice and juicy.

If you already have a kamado or are thinking about buying one you can read my Kamado grill reviews to read about the benefits. You can also read about if it is worth the investment.

This can be problematic, although a wheeled base solves many of these problems. It is also certainly a considerable investment, but you can do much more with a kamado than with a regular grill.

You can use a Kamado for grilling, baking, cooking, smoking, steaming, and also low and slow cooking.

Accessories are not essential, but they make the ceramic grill more versatile. You can create a barrier between hot coal and your ingredient or pot with a heat shield under the grill, allowing you to cook indirectly.

This is the perfect setting for baking crispy bread or delicious pie, or a low, slow-cooking dish. If you place a pizza stone on your grill, you can turn the kamado grill into a stone oven for a perfect pizza or how about a Flammkuchen with a delicious crispy base?

If you want to cook or boil, a good heat-resistant tray, such as a Dutch oven, is a must. And for smoking, you will need wood for smoking.

You can also cook on a standard grill, but for authentic masters, a cast-iron oven is a perfect tool for creating a tasty culinary portion.

Before buying a kamado, it is important to decide what you will use it for. Do you like to travel and plan to take your cooking equipment with you as often as possible?

Kamado is intended as the main feature of your outdoor kitchen. Do you have a large family, or do you often have friends for dinner? Then, you should consider a Medium, Large, or XLarge model because they are more versatile.

Do you think that you will need a huge cooking surface because you are a professional, and you use your kamado for events or because you have a large outdoor kitchen? Then a 2XL might be perfect for you. If you are unsure, you can always go to one of the stores that sell kamados and ask for advice.

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