What is the most popular meat for BBQ?

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I was curious and tried to find out the answer to the question what is the most popular meat for BBQ?. I was a little surprised by the answers I found.


According to a poll, more Americans prefer pork as their BBQ meat of choice. In this Gallup telephone survey conducted on June 24-25, 2019, with a random sample of 1,028 adults in all 50 states, 32% said they ate chicken at their last BBQ while 30% stated that they had eaten beef at their latest cookout. 

Twenty-four percent enjoyed lamb or mutton last time they hosted a gathering where people brought dishes to share.

The pork came in first place with 27%, followed by ham/turkey/other at 13%. The remaining 6% said that they had never hosted a cookout before.

Man and Woman

Interestingly, there was a significant difference in BBQ meat preferences between men and women. Thirty-six percent of men said they ate pork at their last BBQ, compared to only 22% women. In contrast, 31% of women said they had cooked chicken at their latest cookout, versus 26% of men.

Many different types of meat can be used for BBQing, but it looks like pork is the most popular choice overall! 

Popular Cuts

Some of the most popular meats for BBQ include chicken, pork ribs, beef brisket, and sausage. Each of these meats has its own unique flavor and texture, making it perfect for BBQing. Chicken is a great option because it can be marinated and cooked so that you can easily remove the meat from the bone after it has been barbecued. 

Pork ribs are also delicious, as long as they’re carefully barbecued so that they retain their moisture and don’t dry out. Beef brisket requires just the right amount of heat and time to make it tender and moist, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Sausage is also a great choice because it can be cut up small and used as an ingredient in various dishes, such as chilies or stews. 


Chicken is a popular choice because it is relatively lean and cooks quickly. Pork ribs are also popular because they are flavorful and tender. Beef brisket is a favorite among BBQ enthusiasts because of its rich flavor and fatty texture. And sausage is a classic BBQ meat that is always a hit with guests. 

Chickens are butchered around ten weeks old, and cows are butchered at 9 to 12 months old for their meat production, while pigs take about 5 to 7 months to reach butchering age. Fish takes about 9 to 36 months for full maturity before being harvested. 

My Tips

If you want your next BBQ to be a success, it might be worth considering not just to look at the best grill you can find but cooking up some pork ribs or pulled pork! Pork ribs are versatile because they can be cooked in either dry or wet heat methods.

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