What Makes the Best Latte Machine? Find Out Before You Buy One

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For an avid coffee lover, the quality of the coffee blends that you drink definitely counts. As a matter of fact, the robust flavor of the beans, the foamy yet really creamy, milky froth, and the rich aroma of the espresso can make a seemingly grumpy day brighter and happier.

If you are very particular about how you want your everyday coffee, then you should certainly invest in a top-notch latte machine for your home.

    Scouring the World Wide Web can offer you several options. And while some are of the highest quality, there are some that meet a so-so type of standard. This being said you can imagine how vast your choices are. So to better help you, we are narrowing down the list to the top 5 latte machines in the market on new 2020 year.

    Types of Espresso and Latte Maker and Machines

    In order to find the best latter machine for your coffee-related needs, it is important that you know which type

    of espresso and latte machine that you need for your home. Now, there are several types of machines that you can choose from.

    • Stove Top Espresso Maker
    • Manual Lever Espresso Machine
    • Steam Operated Espresso Machine
    • Semi-Automatic Espresso / Latte Machine
    • Pod Espresso and Latte Machines
    • Super Automatic Espresso / Latte Machine

    Top Benefits of Having the Best Latte Machine at Home

    A lot of people may think that buying a good quality espresso or latte machine is a luxury. However, lovers and drinkers of coffee alike would beg to disagree. Having the best one in your home can be very beneficial for you, your family members, loved ones, and even guests.

    • You can save money on coffee
    • Convenience
    • Impress your guests
    • Health Benefits

    If you are one who must enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between, it is safe to say that you spend so much on coffee purchases. Should you invest in a good one for your home, while you will probably spend money on an expensive and top-notch machine, you do not have to worry about buying one cup after another.

    Qualities of the Best Latte Machine for your Home

    Are you ready to finally make your first latte machine process? Remember that just like buying a set of cookware for glass top stoves, you need to be careful and meticulous of what you will be buying. Otherwise, you will end up buying a dud instead of gold. Here are the top features that you need to consider when buying your machine:

    • Water storage
    • Frothing Feature
    • Price
    • Cleaning and Storage
    • Durability

    This is all about the amount of water that your espresso or latte machine can hold. Most machines that families use hold about 8 cups of water. Now, if you need more or less, then choose one that meets your water storage requirements.

    Other Features to Consider:

    • Aesthetic value
    • Additional function and accessories such as a coffee grinder, frother, and Frothing pitcher

    5 Best Latte Machines to Choose From

    Now that you know what you need to know about purchasing your very first espresso or latte machine, you can now turn your attention to choosing which is actually worth your money. Find more information on 5 of the very best in the market below.

    Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 Cafe Latte

      This is a great latte maker for a first latte machine investment. Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 Cafe Latte has a 24-ounce capacity and will brew your coffee in a single touch of a button. It is a really effective milk frother for your lattes and also has an automatic power off feature.


      • It is considered as one of the most affordable ones in the market, making this a great start for coffee lovers, to make their own lattes at home.
      • It does not just brew coffee and make lattes, it can also help you make the perfect espresso and hot chocolate.
      • The machine is really easy to use and clean. You simply need to choose the automatic latte cycle feature and you are good to go. Clean up is also easy.
      • If you want to experiment and try out new coffee recipes, the machine comes with a really helpful cookbook.


      • The only downside to this machine is that it is not large enough to hold more than 2 cups of coffee. This means you have to brew and make lattes in batches to serve more guests.


      For the price range, Mr Coffee has made this machine with a little functionality. It is limited to making few recipes but makes with a great taste. If you are low on budget and a Latte Lover, then Mr Coffee BVMC-EL1 is a good option to go for.

      Mixpresso Latte Machine – For Nespresso Compatible Capsules

      The Latte Machine by Mixpresso is a compact and easy to use latte maker that is perfect for any type of home or even office. It has a 19 bar pump feature that allows you to enjoy bolder and stronger coffee flavors.


      • This has an “Automatic Shut Off” feature that will make brewing a lot easier.
      • Latte Machine – Nespresso Compatible Capsules – By Mixpresso is reasonably priced, which makes it a really popular brand and kind that homemakers use.
      • The parts are really easy to clean and it doesn’t hold to much space on your kitchen counter or table.
      • It doesn’t take a long time to heat up. Just wait for 30 seconds and the machine has completely pre-heated. It even brews espresso at quickly as 25 to 30 seconds.
      • It also makes espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes.
      • The unit comes with a separate milk frother as well.


      • Be careful and check the water compartment from time to time as it has a tendency to leak.
      • It only serves 1 cup at a time. You have to wait for the first cup to be filled before you start on the next one.
      • The separate milk frother may mean another item that takes up space in your cupboard or counter.


      Overall, I think this is an excellent device for people to start out on. If you have never had an espresso machine and are in the market for one, then this is the perfect thing to start with. You don’t need to worry about measuring or tamping, just tasty espresso every time. It’s a great machine, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to get one.

      Hamilton Beach 40792 Espresso & Cappuccino Maker

        The Hamilton Beach 40792 Espresso & Cappuccino Maker has a 15 bar pump that allows you to make a creamy and really rich brew. It also has a removable drip tray and a large water reservoir for making cup after cup of coffee. The steam and frothing wand swivels for ease of use. The dials are also there to make sure that you can brew your coffee and steam your milk at the same time. The indicator lights help you know if it’s done with the process.


        • No more episodes of cup getting cold after a few minutes. The machine has a built-in cup warmer to ensure that your coffee gets to you in the just the right temperature.
        • The machine is durable and easy to use, clean and maintain.
        • Anyone can use this since it only requires a few steps to set up and start brewing coffee.
        • It can brew coffee pods and grounds alike


        • It is relatively larger than you conventional coffee or espresso machines, which means that it can take up a bigger space in your kitchen.
        • The price is not that expensive, but it can already be pricey for most homemakers.
        • Make sure that you plant or place your machine on top of rubber table mat because it has a tendency to shake vigorously when it is brewing coffee or steaming milk.
        • It doesn’t have an auto-volt capability and will only run on 110V.


        You deserve premium quality which doesn’t bust your budget. When you select this model, you’ll get excellent quality, as well as a truly user-friendly machine. We’re pleased to recommend this model, as it’s manufactured by an American company which is very respected for its small appliances.

        Excelvan Espresso and Cappuccino Coffeemaker

        If you are looking for a latte maker that’s just the right size for your small apartment, then the Excelvan CM6811 Steam Espresso and Cappuccino Coffeemaker is one that should be part of your list of possible choices. It has a 3.5 bar pressure feature that allows a rich brew. It has a frothing function that is perfect for your lattes and cappuccinos. This is a semi-automatic machine that comes with a spoon, funnel holder, a carafe and coffee filter.


        • It has a 4 cup water capacity which means that you can serve a small group easily.
        • It is affordable. This is perfect for those who would like to start small in terms of investing in a good quality of espresso and latte maker.
        • The machine is also easy to operate – with a simple turn of a knob, you can start and stop brewing your coffee and frothing your milk.
        • It is sleek, compact and very aesthetically pleasing at the same time.


        • We find that the frother needs more power because it didn’t produce that thick foam that your cappuccino or latte deserves.


        You don’t have to rush to the nearest café to enjoy a cup of espresso or cappuccino. The CM 6811 ensures that you brew delicious coffee right inside your homes, just the way you like it. All of this at just about $50! Sounds incredible, isn’t it? Investing in the CM6811 would be a decision that you would never regret ever in your life.

        PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Battery

        This is definitely something that someone who is very traditional about his lattes and brews would find worth buying. If you have a stove top coffee maker and you would like to make a really frothy milk foam, this can be a great addition to your coffee paraphernalia. The Powermix Milk Frother is battery operated and lightweight. It is so easy to use as well.


        • It may seem small, but it has a powerful machine that offers a frothy latte experience in no time.This frother is affordable – perfect for those who are on a budget.
        • It is versatile because it can be used to whip up all kinds of milk for your lattes and cappuccinos and even hot chocolate.
        • The frother is also easy to assemble with easy to clean and really lightweight parts.


        • Since this is just a frother, you have to have a milk frothing pitcher.
        • While it is convenient that it runs on batteries, using it often will also make the batteries drain a lot faster.
        • You have to hold the button down to make the machine work.


        Treat yourself to a café style cappuccino or latte every day. Why spend money on cups of espresso when you can create them every day at home in the comfort of your kitchen. Powerlix milk frother will give you a great cup of your favourite coffee every morning.


        These five latte machines are considered to belong at the top of the food chain. However, taking into account a latte machine’s durability, price, functionality, versatility, ease of use and clean up, and its aesthetic value, we feel that Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 Café Latte maker is the one that takes the cake. It is the right space and money saver, not to mention that it is made by top notch manufacturers as well.

        These reviews are simply for your reference, of course, at the end of the day is still entirely up to you. But whatever brand or type you choose, as long as it does its functions and more, you can say that you have the best latte machine on the planet.

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