Best ice maker for home bar

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The best ice maker is a dependable machine that provides the most convenient method for making ice in the comfort of your own home. But as with any appliance, selecting an ice maker is not a simple task, as the current market is flooded with various types and models, ranging from the best ice maker for a home bar to portable ice machines. 

Because ice makers, whether for residential or commercial use, are not exactly inexpensive, it is imperative to be familiar with the best models currently available. Here is a list of the best ice makers available for all your home bar needs, including your upscale beverages. 

Our Top Picks 


What Kind of Home Bar do You Prefer? 

Whether you’re a connoisseur of vintage design with oak and mahogany or a fan of the modern approach with minimalist décor and contemporary lighting, you’ll want your home bar to be the best in town. 

You may not be old enough to recall this, but I certainly recognize the awful home bars of the 1980s, with their Formica surfaces and small drinks cabinets on wheels (remember those?). 

As time has passed, I’d like to think we’ve learned the distinction between vintage and kitsch, between timeless and tacky, but one thing is sure: the home bar remains my favorite room in the house. 

It has nothing to do with the drinks themselves. It’s not that I haven’t collected some exquisite scotches over the years and learned how to keep my beer at the perfect temperature, but it’s more about what the bar represents. 

It is late nights with friends. It demonstrates that a man-cave can be made remarkable! And ever since the pandemic shut down many of the best bars in town, my home bar has seen a significant increase in ‘customers.’ 

What do these beverages all have in common? It may sound absurd, but it’s the ice. 

Why is the Correct Type of Ice So Crucial? 

When you order a soda or coke at a restaurant, the Ice is one of the reasons why it hits the spot perfectly. How often have you pondered why you cannot replicate that unique beverage experience at home? 

As we say at Ice Maker Geeks, It’s Nice to Have Ice! 

Yes, if you obtain the proper type of Ice. And the appropriate ice maker produces suitable Ice. A top-of-the-line ice maker is no longer prohibitively expensive. An ice maker would cost thousands of dollars to purchase fifty years ago. 

Industrial ice makers are equipped with the technology necessary to produce the perfect, chewable Ice that you can never get enough of. Clear Ice looks incredible in glass, and bullet-shaped Ice is inexpensive to make and can be used for nearly any purpose. 

There are three types of ice that you should be familiar with if you own a home bar. 

  • Nugget Ice 
  • Clear Ice 
  • Bullet-Shaped Ice 

These three varieties of ice are the most common and most popular for home bars. 

Cubes of clear ice are ideal for any beverage. It fits perfectly in your glass and lacks air bubbles, allowing the ice to remain frozen for longer. This means that it will not dilute your beverage. 

Bullet-shaped ice is widespread and can be produced by less expensive countertop ice makers. A portable ice maker that makes bullet-shaped ice can be purchased for $100. 

Finally, is nugget ice. You are also known as sonic, pellet, and hospital ice. This type of ice is chewable and soft, filling your glass with so much ice that it instantly chills your beverage. 

Nugget ice is ideal for cocktails, smoothies, Mint Julep, Cherry Limeade, Sparkling Watermelon Lemonade, Strawberry Screwdriver, Caipirinha, Classic Mojito, Lemon Rosemary Gin Fizz, Strawberry Basil Moscow Mule, Blackberry Bourbon Smash, and all sodas. 

Benefits of using ice maker for home bar 

While many of us have visited restaurants, cafes, and bars with ice machines, you may not have considered the advantages of having one at home. Even if your refrigerator has an ice maker, you may not have enough ice on hand to make a cocktail or enjoy a chilled glass of soda. Here are some of the benefits of having an ice machine at home. 

Greater Amount of Ice 

It is straightforward to run out of ice quickly when you have a busy family. When you want to relax with an iced beverage at the end of a long day, finding an empty ice tray in the refrigerator can be frustrating. Fortunately, an ice machine can eliminate this inconvenience. There is no need to fill ice cube trays or wait for your refrigerator to dispense more cubes; you will always have the ice you require. 

Better Ice Quality 

Even though some modern refrigerators are sophisticated, there will be times when standard ice cubes will not suffice. You may want different shapes for your punch bowl to make it look more attractive at parties, or you may want the ideal size of ice to fit a specific glass. Regardless of your preferences, an ice machine can produce cubes of the perfect size and shape. 

In addition, because ice machines have improved filters, they can make ice of a higher quality. Since the water is filtered, cloudy cubes caused by hard water minerals or cubes with an unpleasant flavor are less likely to occur. However, if you want the highest quality ice, you should ensure that your new ice machine has a charcoal filtration or R.O. system. 

Make Entertaining Easier 

Whether you enjoy hosting dinner parties, throwing the best New Year’s Eve bash, or simply inviting everyone over each week to watch the game, purchasing bags of ice can be a hassle. For everyone to enjoy an ice-cold drink, you will not only need to transport bags of ice from the grocery store, but you will also need to clear the plenty of freezer space. A home ice maker eliminates this issue, and you can rest assured that you will always have enough ice to keep the drinks cold for any occasion. 

Keep Your Cooler Well-Supplied 

It cannot be easy to keep your cooler stocked when planning a road trip or a weekend camping trip. Either you’ll need to pause your journey to obtain ice, or you’ll need to plan to keep your ice trays functional. A convenient ice machine allows you to fill your cooler with ice in the morning so that you can sip chilled Chardonnay during your lunch break. 

Excellent Convenience 

Most people desire a home where they can unwind and unwind; to achieve this, you need conveniences. You may wish to add an ice machine to the list of essentials that includes a great oven, a large enough refrigerator, and an effective dishwasher, which many consider necessary. An ice machine will provide a reliable supply of ice, so there is no need to consider drinking a warm soda again. 

If you are considering purchasing a home ice machine, you can investigate your options by browsing this online catalog of ice machines and devices. You can also contact a home appliance expert for additional assistance and specialized service. 

What Makes a Good Ice Maker for a Home Bar? 

The most appropriate response to this question is the one that works best for you. 

I realize this sounds like an excuse, but it is true. If you frequently host many guests with diverse beverage preferences, you will need a machine that produces a large amount of ice daily. 

If you only want the machine for yourself and only wear shorts, you may want a machine that produces large, clear, beautiful gems for your glass. 

Do you want one for the kitchen or the home bar? There are ice makers that fit beneath counters as well as those that sit on top of them. Do you prefer an ice maker that doubles as a freezer or one from which you remove the ice to place in an ice bucket? The options are limitless. 

I’ve discovered that buying a self-cleaning model is a good idea. This eliminates the hassle and expense of purchasing filtered water and ensures that the pipes remain so clear that the ice will always be transparent. 

So, without further ado, let’s examine the six best ice makers for home bars. 

Remember that there may be a few that don’t speak to you, but there may also be one that meets all your requirements. And if you are still unable to decide? Put the entire concept on ice, so to speak, and return to it when you are ready. 

10 Best ice makers for home bar reviews

I’ve arranged these so that my favorite ice-making machine is last, but each has some fantastic features, and I’d be satisfied with any of them. 

1. Best Overall: GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

We were impressed by its stylish design and the speed with which it produced perfect nugget ice but were less impressed by its high price, lackluster app, and noisy operation. The new GE Profile Opal 2.0 Nugget Ice Maker (starting at $665) is more expensive than its predecessor, and its mobile app could benefit from a few additional features.  

Nevertheless, it brings several enhancements to the intelligent kitchen table, including Wi-Fi connectivity, another water reservoir, enhanced status indicators, and a significantly quieter operation. If you enjoy crunchy nugget ice in the style of fast food and are willing to pay a premium to make it at home, you won’t be disappointed. 

The Opal 2.0 resembles the original model in appearance, but there are distinguishable differences. It still utilizes a sleek stainless-steel cabinet. Still, the interior and plastic trim is gray (the ice maker is also available in a black stainless finish for an additional $34). Opal measures 16.5 by 13.4 by 17.5 inches (HWD) and weighs 38 pounds, making it smaller and lighter than its predecessor. 

Opal 2.0 has text-based status indicators near the top of the device’s face, making it much easier to understand what’s happening than the original Opal, which used a round backlit button and different colored lights to indicate the machine’s state.  

On the left are Making Ice, Adding Water, Defrosting, and cleaning indicators. A backlit Wi-Fi icon indicator is illuminated when the ice maker is connected to your network. There are Clean, Light, and Power buttons to the right. The Power button turns the ice maker on and off, the clean button puts it into cleaning mode, and the Light button allows you to choose between high and low illumination levels for the interior ice bin light. 

The Opal 2.0 employs the identical ice-making technology as its predecessor. It compresses ice flakes from a chilled cylinder into small nuggets like those served at Sonic drive-ins, which are softer than traditional ice cubes and easy to chew. The Opal 2.0 can produce one pound of ice per hour and has a clear pull-out bin with a maximum capacity of three pounds. The internal reservoir contains sufficient water to fill the ice bin before it must be refilled. 

Preparing the Opal 2.0 for its first use is simple, but a specific cleaning procedure is required, including washing the bin, internal reservoir, and side tank with warm soapy water. Additionally, you must rinse the internal components.  

To accomplish this, I combined five cups of water and one teaspoon of household bleach before pouring the solution into the reservoir. The Clean LED was illuminated after I activated the ice maker and pressed the clean button for three seconds to initiate water circulation.  

After several minutes, the LED went dark, and circulation ceased. I removed the drain tubes’ plugs and drained the water into a sink (you can use a bucket if you prefer). After draining the reservoir, I replaced the plugs and refilled them with five cups of clean water. I pressed the clean button a second time and waited for the water to circulate before draining. After three cycles of cleaning with fresh water, the ice maker was ready for use. 

The GE Profile Opal 2.0 Nugget Ice Maker will provide you with as much nugget ice as you can handle, regardless of whether you’re a die-hard ice chewer or prefer your drinks chilled with crunchy cubes. You can connect it to your Wi-Fi network to monitor when the ice bin is full and when it’s time to add water, and you can set ice-making schedules to ensure that you always have plenty of nugget ice on hand. At $665, the Opal 2.0 is not inexpensive. Still, it is more affordable than a commercial model and fits on a countertop, making it a must-have kitchen appliance for nugget ice enthusiasts. 

Key Features 
  • Side Tank – Produce approximately 3X more ice with a side tank that easily attaches to the ice maker 
  • Automatic/Smart Refills – Always have ice at the ready with an ice maker that automatically powers on when ice is running low 
  • Three Pounds of Capacity – Always have all the ice you need with an ice maker that has three pounds (2.5 quarts) of capacity 
  • Portable Design – Easily move your ice maker as needed, thanks to a portable, compact countertop design that plugs into any electrical outlet 
  • Built-In Bluetooth Connectivity – Schedule fresh ice, monitor your ice maker’s status and order accessories, all through the app on your smartphone 
  • Makes nugget ice quickly
  • Equipped with Wi-Fi
  • Side water reservoir
  • Quiet operation
  • Sleek design
  • Expensive
  • No app push notifications or light scheduling

2. Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop

Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 40Lbs/24H Auto Self-Cleaning, 24 pcs Ice Cube in 13 Mins, Portable Compact Ice Cube Maker, with Ice Scoop & Basket, Perfect for Home/Kitchen/Office/Bar (Silver)


Consider purchasing a portable ice maker for your home for various reasons. Portable ice makers produce 20 to 50 pounds of ice daily, which is more than enough to supply you and your loved ones with cold, refreshing ice. A refrigerator-integrated ice maker will produce only 5 to 10 pounds of ice daily. 

The Euhomy Ice Maker is an excellent countertop ice maker that will look great in your home; this is a perfect option if you’re considering purchasing an ice maker. 

In this post, I’ll evaluate the Euhomy Ice Maker to determine if it’s worth your money. 

There are a few aspects of this ice maker that I particularly enjoy. First, I appreciate the transparent window for viewing the amount of ice and water remaining in the reservoir. 

This feature was helpful when I walked by the ice maker and wanted to ensure it was still producing ice. The light indicators on the front of the unit are also beneficial in determining the device’s status. The light indicators indicate whether your ice bucket is full or low on water. 

I also appreciate that this ice maker operates quietly. I’ve had ice makers that were so loud that they kept me awake at night. This portable ice maker features cutting-edge refrigeration technology and a quiet compressor. This portable ice maker is easy to operate and does not require a permanent installation, as do most portable ice makers. 

This ice maker is not remarkable. The unit’s size and the amount of ice it produces are standard. You will receive 26 pounds of ice per day, and it will be in the form of bullets. 

The standard for portable ice makers is ice in the form of bullets. This type of ice is cloudy and will quickly melt when added to a warm beverage. If you are a connoisseur of your beverage, I suggest you invest in an ice maker that produces clear ice for a higher price. I recommend purchasing the Luma Comfort Portable Clear Ice Maker for Clear ice. I’ve added an Amazon link, leading you to the lowest price. 

This ice maker produces ice every 8 minutes, which is an additional important setting. Again, this is likely the average time for portable ice makers to make ice. The ice basket can hold 1.5 pounds of ice at once. In a moment, we will discuss the ice basket and why it is significant. 

This portable ice maker would make an excellent camping or RV accessory. It is small, compact, and simple to clean, making it ideal for transport. 

Because this ice maker produces only 26 pounds of ice daily, I would not recommend it for large gatherings or businesses. If you are looking for a portable ice maker for your business and want to purchase a unit that produces 50 pounds of ice per day, I would recommend the NewAir Portable Ice Maker. Follow the link above to Amazon for the best price. I believe you’ll be surprised by how inexpensive the NewAir Portable Ice Maker is. 

The Euhomy Ice Maker will produce the perfect amount of ice for families of most sizes. Consider the following before purchasing an ice maker. You will need approximately a half-pound of ice per glass of beverage served. If you have a family of 5 like mine, you will need about 2.5 pounds of ice per meal. This means that the ice in the storage bin cannot be relied upon. 

Using freezer bags and storing your ice in the freezer is a great way to combat a lack of ice. Thus, you can accumulate large amounts of ice for parties and family gatherings. 

The Euhomy Ice Maker is an attractive appliance. This ice maker is among the best at its price point due to its large viewing window, stainless steel construction, and smooth operation. 

This unit is light, weighing less than 20 pounds. This makes it ideal for transporting it from place to place. This ice maker was not difficult to move, not only because it is lightweight but also because of its slim design. It appeared simple to pick up and transport. 

I have used ice makers of similar size while camping, but not this specific model. I believe this ice maker would be an excellent addition to your camping trip or RV. This ice maker is perfect for three reasons: its solid construction, small size, and fantastic price. 

Key Features 
  • 40Lbs/24H 
  • Auto Self-Cleaning 
  • 24 pcs Ice Cube in 13 Mins 
  • Portable Compact Ice Cube Maker with Ice Scoop & Basket 
  • Perfect for Home/Kitchen/Office/Bar 
  • Produces 26 pounds of ice each day
  • Weighs less than 20 pounds
  • Large viewing window
  • Stainless Steel design
  • Affordable
  • Makes ice in 15-20 mins

3. Vremi Black Portable Ice Cube Maker

Vremi Black Portable Ice Cube Maker – Produces 26 Pounds of Ice Cubes a Day – Display Panel Indicator with Removable Ice Basket and Scoop – Modern Countertop Ice Machine That Makes Ice Every 8 Minutes

The Vremi Countertop Ice Maker is a compact ice maker that utilizes a unique compression process to produce chewable nuggets like those in restaurants and bars. It is small enough to fit on a kitchen countertop, allowing you to incorporate it into your office or kitchen countertop easily. 

The vREMI Ice Maker can produce nine bullet-shaped ice cubes when in use and up to 12 kilograms of ice over 24 hours. That is delectable. 

The Vremi Countertop Ice Maker’s stainless-steel cabinet, glossy black trim and interior, and clear plastic ice bin will complement any kitchen countertop. It measures 9.5 x 12 x 13.5 inches and has a profile that allows it to travel anywhere. Since it does not need to be connected to a water source, it is a convenient option for barbeques, outdoor events, and basement bars. 

Its 1.5-pound removable ice bucket and plastic scoop provide all convenience a portable ice maker could offer. The machine can produce at least one pound of ice per hour, which is significantly faster than a refrigerator’s ice maker, which typically has between three and four pounds per day. 

Before using the Vremi ice maker, the machine must be prepared. Begin by washing the bin with warm soapy water and thoroughly rinsing it. A solution of five cups of water and one teaspoon of bleach should be used at least once per week to clean the ice maker. This level of cleanliness necessitates multiple rinses to remove all traces of bleach. 

A removable plastic ice bucket with a substantial amount of ice is located on the machine’s top, along with a plastic scoop. Below the ice bucket is a 2,2-liter water reservoir that allows your ice maker to reuse water from the melted ice to create new ice – this is a feature typically found on commercial ice makers. The container has drainage holes that allow melted ice to return to the reservoir for reuse. 

On the front of the bin are a power button and three indicators that display the current status: add water, ice-packed, and ice production in progress. Within 10 minutes, the first ice chunks begin to fall into the container. The bucket will be complete and ready for the party with sufficient time. 

The bullet-shaped ice from Vremi looks excellent, has a signature crunchy texture, and is easy to chew or blend into freshly pressed juice. Since it produces 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes at once, it’s an excellent option for anyone who enjoys ice for mixed drinks or needs cubes that can fit into small water bottle openings. 

With the Vremi Countertop Ice Maker, you can enjoy crunchy nugget ice without leaving home. This stylish countertop appliance is simple to install, operate, and clean, unlike its competitors, whose operations require practice to master. 

Granted, it is inexpensive and equipped with modern ice-making technology, and the ice it produces is on par with that of a restaurant or bar. The Vremi is not the quietest ice maker, but this is a minor flaw that is easily overlooked, particularly if you’re a fan of nugget ice. 

Key Features 
  • 120 watts 
  • Produces 26 Pounds of Ice Cubes a Day 
  • Display Panel Indicator with Removable Ice Basket and Scoop  
  • Modern Countertop Ice Machine That Makes Ice Every 8 Minutes 
  • Compact With Killer Design 
  • Loaded With Smart Features 
  • No complex installation here 
  • Equipped with warning lights that prevents the ice maker from overflowing
  • Comes with modern stainless steel finish that complements any kitchen counter, bar or tabletop
  • Built-in automatic shut-off feature helps save the energy
  • May get clogged at times

4. Luma Comfort Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine

Luma Comfort Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine | First Cubes In 15 Minutes, 28 lbs. of Ice in 24 Hours | Countertop Portable Design in Stainless Steel – IM200SS


Suppose you need ice to serve chilled beverages and carbonated drinks to your guests on special occasions and are looking for compact and portable equipment to help you arrange extra ice. In that case, the Luma Comfort IM200W Portable Ice Maker meets your needs perfectly.  

This ice-making machine is of superior quality and offers total convenience and ease of use. Made in China, this apparatus weighs approximately 25.5 pounds. Plug it in, pour some water into the water reservoir, and wait for the first batch of ice to form. It is a self-contained device with a storage capacity of about 28 pounds and operates on 120 volts of electricity. 

The LED display and push-button controls make the ice maker extremely user-friendly. The machine utilizes advanced technology to produce ice quickly and efficiently. 

The ice produced by the machine is clear ice of restaurant quality, which means it does not melt as quickly as typical cloudy ice. The device includes a display and an ice indicator for monitoring water and ice levels. 

This ice-making machine from Luma Comfort has a sleek design and a beautiful stainless-steel finish. It complements any kitchen or home’s interior design. The appliance employs cutting-edge technology that makes it simple to operate. 

The ice it produces sets the Luma Comfort IM200SS apart from most other ice makers. It makes ice cubes of the ideal size and clarity for all beverages. In addition, you will not have to wait all day for your ice, as this machine produces 28 pounds of ice per day in approximately 15 minutes per batch. The best part is that the produced ice melts about five times slower than cloudy ice. 

The appliance’s portability and user-friendliness also make it a popular choice. It is simple to transport due to its lightweight and independent design. In addition, this Luma Comfort ice maker’s compact size and countertop design allow it to fit in spaces with limited room. 

In addition, this portable ice maker from Luma Comfort is eco-friendly. The used refrigerant (R-134A) prevents any ozone layer damage. If convenience, compactness, and superior quality are what you seek in an ice maker, then this Luma Comfort ice maker is for you. 

This ice maker produces ice cubes of restaurant quality that melt five times slower than ordinary cloudy ice cubes. This portable ice maker is also very convenient because it requires no installation and is very simple to operate (just plug it in, add some water to the reservoir, and wait for your first batch of ice). 

Key Features 
  • Have clear, restaurant quality ice that melts 5 times slower than cloudy ice 
  • Powerful compressor produces 28 pounds of ice a day, so you never have to run to the store for a bag of ice again 
  • Simple, hassle-free ice dispenser requires no installation – just plug in, add water and wait up to 15 minutes to enjoy your first batch of fresh ice 
  • Cube shaped ice is created as frequently as every 15 minutes, so you don’t have to wait long to chill your drink 
  • With a side-mounted drain, storage is a breeze, and you don’t have to worry about spilling water everywhere 
  • Clear ice
  • 28 pounds of ice each day
  • Stainless Steel Design
  • No view-window

5. NutriChef Ice Maker and Dispenser

NutriChef Ice Maker and Dispenser – Upgraded Machine Countertop Ice Dispenser, Ice Machine W/ Easy-Touch Buttons, Get Ice In 9 minutes, Produces 33 lbs Of Ice Per 24 Hours – PICEM75 (Silver)


Ice cubes on demand are a necessity, not a luxury. It is a necessity, especially when camping in hot weather. At this point, a reliable portable ice maker becomes essential. 

Sanitation is one of the most recent innovations for ice-making machines. It started with manufacturers adding BPA-free plastic ice scoops to ensure that there would be no hand-to-ice contact when getting ice from the basket. Then, see-through windows were added to prevent the needless opening of the ice basket compartment, preventing dust and other contaminants from entering the ice. 

These smaller ice machines require less installation and maintenance complexity than their predecessors. However, the compact design of portable ice makers has made them popular among those who can utilize a space-saving ice-making machine. 

Consider an ice maker with the innovations mentioned above, but with a larger storage capacity and an integrated water dispenser. We adore the Upgraded NutriChef Digital Portable Ice Maker Machine because of its water dispenser’s added convenience. 

Simply put, it redefines the terms “portable” and “compact.” When working in a kitchen with limited space, such as in an RV, a boat, a car, or even a studio apartment, it is a pleasure to have an appliance that combines two functions. 

Additionally, it is one of the few ice makers that can produce up to 33 pounds of ice per day. Given that it is a countertop machine, the daily output is impressive, and it is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who need to hydrate frequently and homemakers. 

It is also suitable for use in offices and mini bars that require daily ice. Regarding mini bars, it is essential to note that the unit’s 4.6-foot cord makes it simple to transport the unit outside during a party; no more endless trips to the kitchen to serve drinks. 

There is not one “ultimate ice maker” for every need. Each residence, RV, and the workplace has its own set of convenience requirements. The Nutrichef PICEM75 should be considered, however, if you’re looking for a genuinely compact ice maker that can also produce on-demand ice. 

This machine can be expensive, costing $220.00 compared to the average of $120.00 for other devices. However, its high ice cube yield and innovative features can justify the price, particularly if you frequently need to produce many ice cubes. 

Key Features 
  • Simple and Hassle-Free 
  • Convenient Tabletop Design 
  • Ready to serve in less than ten minutes 
  • Perfect for Home and Office 
  • High-Powered Freezing Element 
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation 
  • Easy to Clean 
  • Stain Resistant 
  • Its ability to produce up to 33lb of ice a day
  • The ability to connect direct to a water supply
  • The sleek and modern design of the appliance
  • Its high-tech digital display and touch-button operation
  • The affordable pricing
  • Works as a water dispenser as well
  • Some may consider the price too high
  • The water tank is smaller than a lot of other models

6. Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker

Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket, Stainless Steel & 4 Ounce Stainless Steel Ice Scoop


Igloo makes the best portable ice makers currently available on the market. They live up to their reputation, and their products are always on target. Grab the Igloo ICE 103 Countertop Ice Maker if you want a quality, durable, and entertaining machine. 

This ice maker is superior and packed with additional features. Most ice makers do not provide a large enough bucket for the quantity of ice required at any given time. Igloo has considered this and risen to the challenge. You can produce over 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours. 

In addition, this Igloo model features three cube options and a beautiful stainless-steel exterior. It is powered by 120W and cooled by a compressor. 

The Igloo Ice Maker is portable and produces great-tasting ice wherever needed. The sleek, compact design is finished in beautiful stainless steel, making it ideal for any room or office and incredibly simple to clean. 

This compact ice maker is simple to operate plug it in, choose your cube size (small, medium, or large), pour water into the top, and you will have sufficient ice to beat the heat. A less than 1-gallon water reservoir produces 26 pounds of ice every 24 hours without draining, allowing you to enjoy ice quickly throughout the season. 

The Igloo ice maker will endure the test of time. The company stands behind all its products. Their ice-making units are visually appealing and straightforward to transport. Moreover, the dynamic little machines can consistently produce large quantities of fresh ice. Numerous portable ice makers are available, but Igloo is the most popular brand among consumers. 

This model of the Igloo ice maker can be used on a countertop or moved to other locations. Choose an appliance, such as an ice maker, that not only fits your budget but also fits perfectly on your countertop or additional predetermined space. Some ice makers are larger and heavier than others, necessitating awkward counter space. 

Amazon and other online retailers offer better deals than local chain stores. Enjoy daily fresh ice and avoid the hassle and expense of purchasing premade ice from local stores. This is something you can do yourself at a lower cost. 

Key Features 
  • Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker 
  • Over-sized Ice bucket holds 2.2 lbs of ice.if their ice blockage no ice is being made then Turn off the machine. Start the machine after the ice block melts. Or change the size selector to small ice cubes. 
  • Winco products are made to meet the high demands of a kitchen 
  • Trusted and reliable 
  • The ice cubes made are smooth and perfectly shaped.
  • You can make small, medium, or large-sized ice cubes for your convenience.
  • It is available at an affordable price for its quality.
  • Some users argue that this ice maker is a little unreliable as it may stop working after just a few uses.
  • Some users say that after prolonged use of this machine, it began heating the water rather than freezing it.

7. hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine

hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine for Counter Top – Makes 26 lbs of Ice per 24 hours – Ice Cubes ready in 6 Minutes – Electric Ice Making Machine with Ice Scoop and 1.5 lb Ice Storage – Silver


This may be the finest countertop ice maker available on the market. It will produce 26 lbs of ice in 24 hours, and each production cycle will last approximately 6 minutes. 

It is powered by electricity and includes an ice scoop for convenience. Additionally, it consists of a 1.5-pound ice storage unit. It is offered in gray to ensure compatibility with other kitchen appliances and themes. It utilizes cutting-edge refrigeration technology to produce 9 batches of bullet-shaped ice in 8 to 12 hours. 

Key Features 
  • 120 watts 
  • Makes 26 lbs of Ice per 24 hours  
  • Ice Cubes ready in 6 Minutes  
  • Electric Ice Making Machine with Ice Scoop and 1.5 lb Ice Storage  
  • Super-Fast Ice Production 
  • It has a quiet compressor cooling system that makes it ideal for indoor use.
  • It is compact, so it doesn't take up too much space on the kitchen counter.
  • Ice cube production is fast as it takes about 6 to 8 minutes.
  • If the ice cubes are not removed immediately, they are ready, they may begin to melt.

8. FirstBuild Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

Opal Nugget Ice by FirstBuild is the first reasonably priced nugget ice maker, and it will be irresistible to pellet ice addicts. Just ask a fan of nugget ice if all ice is created equally. Nugget ice, also known as compressed or pellet ice, has a devoted following and is praised for its soft, crunchy texture and slow melting rate. 

Unfortunately, nugget ice is only available at a limited number of restaurant chains and gas stations. Nugget ice makers for the home have historically been expensive luxury items costing thousands of dollars. Addicts of chewable ice now have reason to rejoice. The $499 Firstbuild Opal Nugget Ice has arrived, bringing with it the ability to produce pounds of nugget ice from your kitchen countertop in hours. 

That is still a lot of money for a small appliance with a single function. However, the Opal is a game-changer for those who must have access to nugget ice in their homes. This is the first and only option for mainstream consumers to make this frozen novelty at home. 

The Opal Nugget Ice is larger than the average kitchen appliance, with dimensions of 17.25 inches in height, 10.5 inches in width, and 15.5 inches in depth. It is comparable in size to a mini-fridge or toaster oven, dwarfing even the largest drip coffee makers (set on its side). It weighs a hefty 44 pounds and is also not lightweight. 

Despite its size and weight, the Opal’s aesthetic is pleasingly minimalist. Due to the sleek stainless steel that covers the Opal’s flat surfaces and rectangular chassis, its sheer size is likely to go unnoticed. Additionally, it has only one circular button surrounded by an LED ring. This LED ring glows in various colors to indicate the status of the Opal. 

The bin is a square window where real-time ice production can be observed. When the corners of the clear bin are pulled, it slides out to reveal a cube-shaped container. You can let the bin hang at an angle for easy ice access or remove it entirely. 

Inside and immediately beneath the ice bin is the Opal’s water tank. Since the Opal lacks a dedicated water line input, this tank must be supplied with fresh water from the sink. One tank of water will allow the Opal to fill its bin to its maximum 3-pound capacity, which will take approximately three hours. 

You can even connect the Opal Nugget Ice to your smartphone or tablet (via Bluetooth) and use a mobile app to control it. Unfortunately, the software does very little. Opal is equipped with numerous sensors that detect when the ice bin is full or when it has been emptied. Similarly, they are aware if the water tank is empty. I wish the app could send notifications when I need to refill the tank water, empty the tray, or clean the machine. 

Currently, the app can only display the current status of the Opal and cannot send alerts. Within the application, you can tell the Opal to stop and start making ice, dim or brighten its LED ring, and schedule ice production. 

The Opal Nugget Ice that I tested performed admirably. The unit produced ice at or slightly above the advertised rate of 1 pound per hour. My Opal test unit produced 1.06 ounces of cylindrical pellet ice in one hour. At the end of 3 hours, the device’s collection tray contained 3.1 pounds. 

I admit I became greedy and attempted to extract even more ice from the machine, but I do not recommend doing so. I periodically vibrated the tray gently to level the ice on its surface. Otherwise, ice nuggets will form a pyramid, trip the tray sensor, and halt production. While I did obtain a small amount of additional ice (3.5 pounds), the added weight tended to crush the ice pellets at the tray’s base into slush. 

When the Opal first begins producing ice, its consistency is soft, wet, and even slushy. However, as the appliance cools, the ice quality improves, and after 30 minutes, you should have solid cubes. 

Despite its high-cost relative to other countertop appliances, the $499 Firstbuild Opal Nugget Ice ($449 on pre-order) performs as advertised. The machine produces nugget ice quickly and is simple to operate. 

Given that alternatives (such as this luxury unit from Scotsman) cost thousands of dollars, the Opal from First Build has disrupted the market. Even though I believe most people, including those who enjoy nugget ice, will find it difficult to justify spending $500 on an ice maker, for a select few, making nugget ice at home has become much more accessible. 

Key Features 
  • Quick And Powerful 
  • 24 lbs of ice per day 
  • The bin holds 3 lbs at a time 
  • Reservoir Capacity – 2.5 quarts 
  • Operating Temperature – 55°F – 90°F 
  • Portable 
  • It is high quality and comes in an elegant design
  • It is super affordable for its value.
  • You can plug it into any electrical outlet.
  • Some users feel that 15 minutes of ice making is a little too much.
  • Other users argue that the ice maker is too noisy for indoor use.

9. Frigidaire EFIC103-AMZ-SC Counter Top Maker

The worst aspect of running out of ice must wait for a new tray to freeze. Even those who own a refrigerator with an integrated ice maker are susceptible to the issue. Built-in ice makers can only produce 3 to 6 pounds of ice per day.  

If you have ice enthusiasts in your home or office or frequently host parties, you need a machine that can produce large quantities of ice throughout the day. This is the purpose of specialized appliances such as the Frigidaire EFIC103 26-pound Freestanding Ice Maker.  

This portable countertop ice maker can freeze a batch of ice in just eight minutes and will produce a healthy 26 pounds if left running all day. As a company with a long history of producing refrigerators and freezers, Frigidaire is no stranger to condensers and coolants. We tested its compact countertop ice maker to see if it lives up to the storied reputation of the brand. 

The Frigidaire EFIC103 26-pound Freestanding Ice Maker impressed us immediately by producing thick ice pellets in only eight minutes. As the machine heats up, the first batch is slightly smaller than subsequent batches, but the difference was not as pronounced as with other brands we’ve tested.  

Even on the smallest setting, the ice produced by this ice maker was slightly longer and thicker than the ice made by a competing ice maker that cost twice as much. These substantial pieces remain in the glass rather than dissolving before our drinks are finished. It took only two batches of ice to fill a pint glass, although the machine only produces nine pieces of ice per batch instead of 12. Other brands we tried required three batches of ice to fill a single glass. 

The machine’s operation was silent. We frequently forgot it was on until it dropped the ice cubes and pushed them into the basket, as the sound of the fan easily blended with any background noise. 

It is not the smallest ice maker on the market, so it required some counter space to accommodate. Nonetheless, it was user-friendly and needed 115 volts or a standard three-prong outlet. We filled the reservoir, which required approximately 15 cups of water, plugged it in, and chose the desired ice size (small). In eight minutes, the ice was ready (and quite chunky) after it began automatically melting.  

This is a few minutes longer than two other ice makers we’ve tried, but well worth the wait. The largest setting required 13 minutes to produce ice, the same as a more expensive brand we tried. This was, of course, even chunkier than before, almost to the point of being unnecessary. However, because it produces hollow, bullet-shaped ice, as do most countertop ice makers, the ice will melt more quickly than solid cubes. Therefore, this extra-thick ice is the best option on hot summer days. 

As with most ice makers, the ice bucket sits above the water in the reservoir, allowing water to drip back into the reservoir as the ice melts. However, this also indicates that the ice is not kept below freezing after it is created.  

If the ice is not used or transferred to a bag or container in the freezer, it will eventually melt away. The machine was relatively well insulated and prevented the ice from melting too quickly, but it was not as well protected as the more expensive ice maker we tested. Since the ice was still wet on the outside after being placed in the freezer, it became slightly adhered, but it was easy to separate the pieces. 

It functions optimally when the ambient air temperature is not excessively hot, so do not place it in direct sunlight or near a heat source. 

This ice maker resembles most other countertop models available on the market. Several other brands offer nearly identical ice makers, save for the logo (like the Igloo ICE103). This is because the same company manufactures them. In other words, it is a large box made of stainless steel with a black lid. A window in the lid allowed us to inspect the ice level in the basket, but it was too small to observe the entire ice-making process. 

The ice maker’s stainless-steel exterior helped it blend in with our other kitchen appliances. In contrast to many other countertop ice makers, this one has a front-mounted control panel with simple push-button controls. There is an on/off switch, a “select” button for the ice size, and indicators that light up to indicate which ice size you’ve chosen and whether the ice basket is full, or the water reservoir needs refilling. The appliance would look much cleaner if the control panel were placed on top. 

This model produces three sizes of ice that are as large, thick, and chunky as those produced by machines that cost twice as much. In our opinion, that is a bargain. The water reservoir holds a generous 15 cups, so it won’t need to be refilled too often, and the ice basket is large enough that it only needs to be emptied every hour and a half instead of every hour. It lacks some of the features of more expensive ice makers, but these are luxuries, not necessities. 

Key Features 
  • 120 watts 
  • Can produce up to 26 Lb 
  • Efficient & Easy To Use 
  • Versatile 
  • Modern Design   
  • user-friendly digital control panel 
  • Automatic Self-cleaning Program 
  • Large thick ice pellets
  • Three sizes of ice
  • Portable
  • No self-cleaning cycle
  • Ice storage isn’t refrigerated
  • Takes up counter space

10. RCA Compact Ice Maker

This ice maker is ideal for you if you want to create a luxurious aesthetic in your kitchen. It is available in white, black, red, and silver colors. 

Its design incorporates LED electronic controls for simple operation. It operates on 120 volts and produces 26 pounds of ice daily. You have the option of making either large or small ice cubes in just 6 minutes. 

Each round, it can store up to 1.5 lbs of ice. It includes a 2.3-quart reservoir for efficient ice production. 

Key Features 
  • Compact Ice Maker in Red 
  • Enjoy a batch of ice in as little as 6 minutes 
  • Produces 26lbs of ice per day in choice of 2 ice sizes 
  • Stores up to 1.5 lbs of ice at a time 
  • 2.3 Quart Reservoir with Electronic LED Controls. 
  • Pallet Quantity:50 
  • NOTE: Refer the User Manual before use. 
  • It is lightweight and compact, which makes it highly portable.
  • It is made of steel, which is not only stainless but also sturdy for durability.
  • The ice maker may experience technical issues like always reading full after just a few months of use.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Ice Maker For Home Bar

If you intend to purchase a new ice maker for your home or business, consider these factors and compare the market’s top ice machines. It will assist you in making an informed purchase decision. 

Type of Ice Machine 

Checking the ice maker’s model is the initial step. Ice makers are available in various styles and designs on the market. A modular ice machine can be chosen if a small, compact ice maker is desired. It can easily fit in your kitchen; under-counter icemakers are another option.  

Not excessively bulky, you may place it beneath the kitchen counter. Also available are icemakers and dispensers and countertop ice makers. There are several varieties of ice machines. Depending on the open storage space in your home or bar kitchen, you may opt for any of these types. 


Check the machine’s dimensions as a secondary consideration. It is among the most significant factors. You must determine the daily amount of ice you will require. It will help you choose the machine’s size. Check the ice requirements on the busiest day and the slowest time of the week. To avoid running out of ice, purchasing a large ice maker is prudent. Buying ice from an outside source can be costly. Consequently, you must ensure that the machine is the appropriate size for your business. 

Type of Ice 

The type of ice you use in your machine has a significant impact, even though it may not appear substantial. People are now highly particular about the beverages they consume. Some individuals prefer a specific type of ice. Therefore, you must ensure that the ice maker can produce that type of ice. Cube ice is the most common type of ice. There are also flake ice, entire cube, half cube, nugget ice, and gourmet ice, among others. Choose an icemaker that produces the desired ice type. 

Storage Capacity 

You must also inspect the icemaker’s storage capacity. Some icemakers can produce ice rapidly but have a smaller storage capacity. In this case, the ice must be removed from the machine and stored elsewhere. If you wish to avoid this inconvenience, select an icemaker with a sufficient storage capacity. Thus, ice can be quickly produced and stored. 

Production Rate 

Before you purchase an icemaker, you must verify its production rate. It is the rate at which the machine produces ice. There are a few sluggish machines. They make ice more slowly than alternative machines. If you require more ice, you must opt for a faster machine. It will assist you in replenishing ice quickly before you run out. 


Icemakers can be costly, mainly if you buy one for commercial use. It may cost anywhere between $300 and $5,000. Therefore, you must ensure that it fits within your budget. A sale is an optimal time to purchase the machine. Additionally, you can shortlist a few machines and compare them to make the best choice. You will need a larger budget if you want a device with additional features. If you have a limited budget, any ordinary machine will suffice. 


Additionally, it would help if you examined the condenser type. The most prevalent ice machine consists of a fan and condenser. Nonetheless, you may also read the other models. There are air-cooled condensers, water-cooled condensers, and remote-cooled condensers available. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. In an icemaker, however, an air-cooled condenser system is preferable. 

Drain Options 

In addition to all other considerations, you must examine the drain options. There are two ice machines available. Choose between gravity drain or drain pumps. A gravity drain is the best option if the drain is located close to the machine. However, if it is far away, you must use drain pumps. 

Water Filter 

If you are in the market for a new icemaker, you should look for one with an inbuilt water filtration system. It will aid the machine in filtering the water before it transforms into ice. It eliminates all contaminants from the water. 

Energy Effectively 

In addition to these factors, the machine should also be energy efficient. It will help you save a great deal on electricity costs, mainly if you use it for commercial purposes. 


Additionally, it would be best if you examined the warranty on the machine. Select an ice machine with an extended warranty period. It will aid in preventing any unnecessary repairs. 

Before you purchase an ice maker, you should consider the following factors. In addition to examining the machine’s color and style, be sure to do so. 

Best ice maker for home bar - FAQs

Infrequently, however, will a daily-used ice machine last longer than ten years. A conservative estimate would be four to five years or the length of the machine’s warranty. Beyond the warranty, however, there is no guarantee. Ensure that your ice machine undergoes routine maintenance and cleaning to extend its lifespan. 

If you want ice, it must be constantly plugged in and operating. The ice will melt and return to the reservoir if the unit is turned off. This is like your refrigerator or freezer in that it must always be on. 

A single batch of ice can take between 7 and 15 minutes to freeze and drop into the storage tank of a portable ice maker. On average, portable ice makers can produce up to 35 pounds daily and store up to 2 pounds of ice. 

Ice maker energy consumption is approximately 350 kilowatt hours (kWh) per month; at an average rate of $0.06 per kWh, this would cost roughly $21 per month. The best commercial ice makers can produce significantly more ice than their residential counterparts. It is not uncommon for a commercial ice machine to have 500 pounds of ice per day. 

Most ice makers are programmed to shut off automatically when the ice bucket is complete and to restart when more ice is required. If ice overflows and the unit does not temporarily shut off, the bucket and any shelving components must be appropriately positioned. 

Which Ice Maker Fits Your Needs?

As previously stated, everything boils down to personal preference. 

Depending on what you seek in a home bar, one machine on this list will pique your interest more than another. All that matters is acquiring the ideal ice machine for your needs. 

Anyway, that’s all I have to say. All this analysis has made me thirsty, so I’m off to prepare a refreshing beverage with my favorite chewy nugget ice! 

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