Charcoal Grill Smokers

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Smoking means to slowly cook food indirectly in the presence of a fire. Smoking is the process of cooking or preserving food by exposing it to the smoke from burning lumps of wood or charcoal.
Smoking is sometimes referred to as “barbecuing” or “roasting”.  Meats and fish are the most common foods that are smoked.  Smoking is commonly done on a grill with hardwood or charcoal chips that produce smoke. Charcoal grill smokers give meat or fish a great flavor.

Charcoal grill smokers are designed to allow food to smoke under a control temperature. These grills have a steel box with vent holes at the top.  The box contains charcoal that is used to provide smoke. The lack of air inside the steel box produces smoke from the charcoal instead of fire that can often burn food.

Charcoal grill smokers have a two-box system: the fire box and the food box. The fire box is usually located under or at the side of the food box. As mentioned, heat can be controlled.  Heat and smoke that come from the fire box helps cook the meat or fish inside the food box.

Charcoal grill smokers are basically constructed of steel for years of use. The fire box which indirectly cooks the food through the heat it emits is a feature that makes these grills versatile. The fire box allows the charcoal to be placed in a side box or under box for easy refueling of charcoal and easy clean-up. The food box likewise is made of durable iron to retain the heat inside the box.

Some units come with an adjustable grate. By simply moving the ash catcher it allows more direct heat. Moving it downward restricts the heat from the grilling surface. The latter helps the process of slow cooking. They also have a built-in thermometer to measure the level of heat while cooking.

There are also a heavy-duty portable charcoal grill smokers. This is ideal if you are short of space, however it can be used for both small and large gatherings. This comes with a hinged side door to easily add fuel (charcoal and wood), and an ash pan to catch the debris and allow for easy clean up.

Furthermore, it usually also features wheels for easy mobility. Other charcoal grill smokers include two shelves, a warming rack and a built-in smoke stack.  There is also a removable ash pan for quick cleaning when you’re finished cooking.

It is said that flavor is not the only thing you get when you use the charcoal grill smoker; the process of slow cooking is also a feature that makes the meat tenderer than when grilling.

Experts say that slow cooking allows the natural fibers in meat to break down slowly, making it tender.  This is due to using the charcoal grill smoker, which is controlled by the cooking temperature.

Another benefit is that charcoal grill smokers use less charcoal. It is more convenient for some people because the less fuel that is used, the less the expense. 

Any type of wood can be mixed with the charcoal to create smoke. Smoke that is infused by a flavorful wood like hickory, or mesquite, or pecan or cherry also adds to the flavor and smell of the food.

Charcoal grill smokers are great for barbeque lovers. With all the benefits listed above, you can enjoy charcoal grilling and still have time to entertain your guests.

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